Pastor Bob (31 May 2015)
""To Jack H""

Dear Bro. Jack:

Thanks for your words.  I have been doing better with my cataracts since beginning last September  treatment a brother at Five Doves recommended treatment with Castor Oil.  My wife puts two drops in each eye before bed time, and she now also is doing the treatment as a result of my success.  I'm 79 now and I expect to be going home soon, one way or another.  I only wish my leg problems would be so easy to resolve.

I'm well prepared for death, have been since I was 26, when I had a potentially fatal car crash.  I have had not one but two similar accidents in which I experienced a brush with death.  In my first accident, I hit a four-foot square/high concrete base of a 70-foot light pole in a shopping center at 45mph.  The horn rim cut my nose off like a hot knife through butter.  Had to have 33 stitches without sedative or pain relief. Car flipped over and destroyed but I survived by God's Grace. 

It came simultaneous at the time I was part of the team tasked with computerizing the KJV Bible at the University of Pittsburgh in 1964.  The two events were providential in coming to recognizing my sinful state and mortality. 

As I see it right now I am in a race as to which way I go up!   The clock is ticking any way we cut it.  Really looking forward to a new body, new legs, and 20/20 vision. 

God bless,

Pastor Bob