Neil Lipken (31 May 2015)
"Anne Graham Lotz: ‘Our World is Unraveling,’ ‘We’re Coming Close to the End of Human History’"

Well, the Holy Spirit has gotten a strong hold on Anne Graham Lotz!  The number one message in the Bible today for our times (after salvation and how to live our lives) is that we are living late in these End Times, and life as we have known it since the end of World War II is soon about to end with the Rapture, followed by the terrifying 7 year Tribulation Period!  So very many lukewarm pastors and lukewarm Christians just want to sweep this topic totally under the rug and pretend it does not exist!  I am so very glad there are "on fire for the Lord" believers such as Anne Graham Lotz and Jewish Rabbi Jonathan Cahn!


P.S.  James 3:1 states:  "Let not many of you become teachers, my brethren, knowing that as such WE SHALL INCUR A STRICTER JUDGMENT."  Those lukewarm pastors who want to ignore the truth of God's Word concerning our time in history have quite a surprise coming!

P.P.S.  Anne Graham Lotz made one small mistake that I would like to correct.  She said, "We're coming close to the end of human history."  No, that is not quite right.  After the Rapture and 7 year Tribulation Period leading to the Second Coming of Christ, Jesus will reign on the throne of King David in Jerusalem for the next 1000 years.  Then the present heaven and earth will be burned up with intense heat, and God will create a new heaven and a new earth on which there will be nations.  This will then continue on for all eternity!