Lewis Brackett (31 May 2015)
"Romans 13 Is preached incorrectly"



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If all power is given to Jesus Christ in heaven and earth, then is the government above Jesus Christ? Of course not. The government is subject to judgement by the Lord Jesus Christ. So just from a logical standpoint, if the government says or does anything contrary to the doctrine of Jesus Christ, then we don't blindly follow them in an unlimited submissive fashion.

I don't want Christians to take extremes on this, because the fact that we have government is a good thing. If there were no laws, starting today, you would have to stay awake all night and day with a shotgun, hiding in your home in fear of thieves and murderers. As wicked and unbiblical as some things are in our government today (e.g. Obamacare), if we had no law and no government, everyone would pray for government to come back. We Christians subject to the righteous justice of the law, like the punishment of evildoers, but when the evildoers themselves become the governers and officers of land, we are not commanded to submit to evil rule and ordinances.

Take a moment to consider the Scripture aforementioned: "For there is no power but of God," so the powers that be must be subject to God, or they don't have any authority. The preachers that are teaching we all should submit unto wicked rulers in our government are ignoring the fact that even the "higher powers" are subject to other higher powers, and many in history have deliberately ignored those higher powers to commit wicked actions.

Lewis Brackett