Lazarus (31 May 2015)
"Prices of Int'l commodity trading shut down"


I work with a company where in my room there is a large tv screen showing prices of
int'l commodity trading from its source terminal in London, NY, Chicago. so business deal can be effected based on the information from the screen.

In early April I had a dream where God is showing me the how  the tv screen becomes
black/off which makes me wonder what shall happen to economy in USA ?

Later on 20th May 2015 I had another dream where God showed me the situation in my
working room how it has become a mess of desolation, paper mess everywhere on the floor and on tables, tv screens which used to broadcast live prices from US terminals turned off, office bags which people used to store laptops lay wasted on the floor. again this makes me wonder as this company's business rely on supply from US
on the majority, what will actually happen there ?

Accidentally I found many youtube videos about something to happen before 23 Sept 2015 to America, which has been shown secretly in many movies (you can search it on youtube). and French Minister has given a 500 days warning in 2014 before climate change occur in September 23 2015

Previously on 12 April 2015 I had a dream where I saw people at my working room work as usual but in the air there were 2 pieces of bread, one is already eaten and remained only a small scrap and another bread is new and tagged "Great Tribulation". but people in the room are not aware of this bread.

Thank you Lord Jesus for the warning.

Jesus bless u all,