Jovial (31 May 2015)
"Joseph Mede and the 12 Tribes"

Joseph Mede's 1627 Clavis Apocalypse or Key of Revelation presents a fascinating discussion about the meaning of the names of the 12 tribes. He tries to say that the order of the names of the 12 tribes in Revelation has important significance.  He points out this order....

First Quaternion of
the Sons of Leah.

1. Judah
2. Rueben
3. Gad
4. Asher

Second Quaternion of
the Sons of Leah.

7. Simeon
8. Levi
9. Issachar
10. Zabulon

First Couple of
the Sons of Rachel.
5. Napthali
6. Manasseh
Second Couple of
the Sons of Rachel.
11. Joseph
12. Benjamin

Then he points out how the meaning of the names forms three significant sentences:

Judah: Confess God
Rueben: Look, a son
Gad: Assembly
Asher: Blessed
The blessed assembly confesses to God by looking to the Son.
Naphtali: My struggle
Manasseh: Forget
Simeon: hearer, obey
They struggle with those who forget their obedience

Levi: Attached, adhere
Issachar: reward
Joseph: add
Benjamin: Son of my right hand

Their adherence [to Messiah] adds the reward of eternal habitation with the Son of His right hand.

This is hinting at Armageddon.  Why?  Let me fill in some more.

While Mede said "Gad" means "assembly", it basically means either "troop" / "soldier" or "good fortune".  G'dood can mean a group of soldiers, so his interpretation was not completely without merit.  So let me substitute the more basic meaning and see what happens....

When will the soldiers of the Messiah struggle with the disobedient?  At Armageddon, which can be considered to be built from the root word of "Gad".  In Hebrew, Armageddon is Har Megido, or Mount Megido, built from adding a MEM to the root "Gad".  Thus the name of the mountain can be considered to mean the Mountain of good fortunate in war, which is exactly what will happen there one day.