Jovial (31 May 2015)

In my other post I talked about single Conspiracy Theories.  Sometimes people MIX these theories together.  For example;

  • The Rothschilds and Jews control our banking system. This theory is rooted in allegations from the Protocols of Zion. The Rothschilds control many banks, but not all banks. talks about this theory and says, "Some say the Rothschilds (who are Jewish) caused the Holocaust, while others say they were the true power behind the creation of Israel. " So are the Rothschilds pro Jewish or anti-Jewish? Seems like conspiracy theorists cannot agree.
  • The Rothschilds and Vatican control banking. Not sure how any connection is made between the Rothschilds and the Vatican. But obviously, both of these cannot be mutually true.

These MIXED THEORIES are often from people reading a theory and believing it, then reading another theory and believing that too, and mixing them together.  Often these theories are worst than either, and like mixing evolution and the bible and trying to support the concept that both Evolution and the bible are mutually true.  It requires DOUBLE THINK and believing in two mutually incompatible theories that cannot both be true at the same time.  So when you see a hyphenated or slashed merging of conspiracy theories such as "The Mafia-Nazi black pope" or the "Rothschild / Jew / Vatican conspiracy", it is prima facially impossible for competing groups to co-own the world.  The very definition of being in control is that all opposition to influence has been eliminated.  If multiple groups must conspire with each other to get something done, the need to merge to accomplish something proves that none are all powerful, and without each other's mutual influence, nothing would get accomplished.  The only reason to merge is to accomplish a common goal.  It might mean EACH group has some influence, but it proves that no group has supreme power. 

In a democracy, multiple groups have limited influences like Labor Unions, businessmen, various lobbyists, environmentalists, and others. A merger of two conspiracy groups would therefore mean that they are not vey powerful; even less powerful than a lobbying special interest group in a Democracy.  Labor Unions are getting what they want at the moment; derailment of Obama's "Fast Track" and raising the minimum wage.   Many Union contracts are tied to a certain dollar amount ABOVE whatever minimum wage is, so if minimum wage goes up, a union worker with a contract to make $10 above minimum wage gets a raise.  If Labor Unions can get what they want without merging with other groups, they must be more powerful than either the I11uminati or the Vatican if both of them have to merge to get something accomplished, as some have alleged.

The need to merge shows WEAKNESS, because it means that neither group is powerful enough to get what it wants. If the I11uminati and the Vatican must merge to accomplish a common goal, then it means that the I11uminati isn't powerful enough to get what they want on their own. It means the Vatican is not powerful enough to get what it wants on its own. Because if either group is all powerful enough to simply give an order to the president and he obeys, then neither group will bother contacting the other. It means the president is making his own decisions, and weighing what the I11um-elite and the Vatican say along with the Trucker's Lobbyists and the NAACP and every other lobbyist in Congress on a similar basis.

That is why it is illogically impossible for there to be multiple groups controlling the same government from behind the scenes.  They won't always agree, and the one that is in charge is the one that wins and gets what it wants when they disagree.