Jovial (31 May 2015)
"A look at Part 1 of VARIOUS CONSPIRACY THEORIES; Do any have credibility?"

There are many conspiracy theories, and most have to be wrong, because by defintion of "control", two groups cannot BOTH "control" the world at the same time. But at least one can have at least some truth, since more than one group can TRY to control the world.  


There's several theories that the world is controlled by aliens behind the scenes using human puppets.

  • Reptillian Shape Shifters. David Icke claims all world leaders are shape shifting reptillians. There's no real proof. Sometimes people post videos showing a camera anomaly they mistake as skin chaging color or form, but never seen anything convincing.  If such a species existed, why doesn't the Bible tell us? 
  • Coneheads. Do Coneheads from another planet hide in the Vatican and control the world from there?  Karen Hudes did NOT originate the theory that we pay taxes to our Conehead overlords through the IMF via the Vatican, but she may be the most popular spokesperson for it. At is an email allegedly written by her crediting Ed Spencer as her source, not inside knowledge from her IMF days.
  • The Greys. Many think grey aliens landed in Roswell and give orders to our government from their underground location.   Prior to the popularization of the "greys", the world thought of aliens as little green men from mars with antennas coming out of their heads.
  • The Nephilim Conspiracy. Many think the Nephilim (Genesis 6) are still alive, living UNDER the earth and control the world from there.  They think the earth is hollow; a theory not necessarily connected with the Nephilim and was the subject of much 19th century literature.

Obviously, these theories conflict with each other and no more than one can be right, and I doubt any are.


There are several theories about human organizations that allegedly control everything.

  • The I11uminati - You've heard it. 
  • Underground Nazis - This theory says Hitler did not die, but escaped to the South Pole and into the Hollow Earth with many Germans and Italians and built a "New Berlin." They claim there is a skyscraper in New York with an elevator that goes down to the underground New Berlin, and Hitler has passed instructions through carriers to George Bush and other world leaders. The theory is that he fooled people into thinking he lost the war so that he could control the world in secret because that was easier than doing it publicly.  
  • The Vatican - I covered this in...
  • The Mafia -
  • Le Cerce, the UN, and other Globalist Groups - These groups ultimately desire a one world government, but not in secret. Some allege they are already operating in secret.
  • Military-Industrial Complex - Whatever that is. Ike coined the term but never defined it.
  • Pennsylvania secretly controls the whole United States.  Is Pennsylvania the chief state? Is its state Supreme Court more powerful that even the SCOTUS (Supreme Court Of The United States)? No, and this is easily disproven by many court cases where the US Supreme Court over-ruled either the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania or a Pennsylvania law, or both, including;
    • Planned Parenthood of Pennsylvania vs Casey, 1992
    • Pennsylvania vs Prigg, 1842 
    • Penn vs Nelson, 1956 nullfied a Penn state law on Federal issue grounds. 
    • Penn vs Greene, 1909 overrulled a previous Pennsylvania state court conviction.
    • Penn vs Johnson, 2012. Pennsylvania Supreme Court sided with prosecution, US Supreme Court over-turned, ruling in favor of the defendant.
    • MANY OTHER EXAMPLES could be cited.
  • Blame Israel for Everything - And of course the ultimate theory is to simply blame everything bad that happens as a secret plot originating from Israel.

Obviously, they can't all be the power behind our Government. And it is EITHER a human group or an alien one. It cannot be both. By definition of someone being "in charge", that power gets what it wants, including the elimination of competing powers. How do you tell WHO is the REAL power behind the scenes, if one of them is? One of the biggest keys is....who is getting what they want out of our government? What may be true is that most of the above groups have had some level of disproportional influence on selected regions in the world, but no group really controls all governments behind the scenes.

In a democracy, multiple groups have limited influences. Labor Unions have some influence. Rich businessmen have some influence. The milk lobby has some influence as well as LBGT groups, environmentalists, and others. That influence is very public, very measurable, and not a secret conspiracy. In fact those groups will be VERY PUBLIC about their goals to maximize their influence so as to reach as many of their supporters as possible.

With 84% of Mexicans being Catholic, and Mexico being a Democracy, the Vatican would have far more influence on the Mexican Government via public pressure than behind the scenes activity. The same is true of most of Latin America. Minorities with a lot less than 25%, the percentage of US citizens that are Catholic, have been effective at getting what they want out of the US Congress. With both major parties having a loyalty base of 40% in the USA, a voting block of 10% (or slightly over) can swing an election. Even when the Vatican ran much of Europe (325AD - 1517 AD), they were open about it, since Europe was mostly Catholic.

The problem with a secret conspiracy is that in almost all cases, they KNOW their support will erode if it becomes public knowledge? Why? Because their goals are in opposition to what most of society believes.  Any group that believes in population reduction and wants to selectively kill off most of the world (90%+, leaving their group alive) MUST carry that plan out in secret. Many in the I11uminati have that as part of their plan. Anything involving a few elitists controlling the populace through mind control techniques, drugs, etc., will also need to keep their plans a secret.

Therefore, the Vatican conspiracy theory begs the question.....what are they trying to keep quiet?  What do they want that they must keep secret?  The theory has accusation without motivation, and runs contrary to how they historically operated when they DID control the governments of Europe.  Public pressure was part of HOW they controlled kings in the past.  The Vatican used the fear of being overthrown / assassinated to control royalty between Constantine and the Reformation.

Some of the human conspiracy theories have evolved because those groups have indeed tried to run the governments they were part of.  Lots of people WANT to control the world, but the question is, who is succeeding?  None have succeeded in controlling the whole world, even though some have undue influence in at least parts of the world.  I don't believe that ANY of the alien conspiracy theories have any credibility at all.

We know from Revelation that one day, there will be a one world government.  It won't be in secret.  It will be out in the open with most citizens on the planet worshipping the beast when it happens.  Are the same forces trying now behind the scenes?  You bet.  Are they succeeding?  Not as well as they would like to.