Gary Rich (31 May 2015)
"Obedience to God's Final Command"

When Jesus left this world 2,000 years ago, He gave one simple ,final command to His followers. Take the Gospel message of hope & salvation to the entire world. He asks and expects Christians  ever since then to fulfill this command- The Great Commission

But here is the problem - in the church today , we have become quite comfortable in our modern living lifestyles and the idea of taking risks for our Lord seems - well old fashion by some thinking. We have forgotten what the early church did to spread the gospel. They did indeed risk all they had for the message of Good News in Jesus Christ. They lost their homes, were thrown in prison and many lost their lives for spreading the gospel message

So why is it that only 2% of the church today shares their Christian faith ? Folks-we of all believers. We rapture watchers who believe that Jesus is returning soon should be on the front lines of evangelism witnessing. Its time to once again light the fire of soul winning in our hearts. Its time to ask God to burn into our hearts a passion for lost souls that are all around us

God is asking for our obedience to His Final Command. He is returning soon. Will you have compassion for lost souls ? Will you get out of your comfort zone and take risks for your King ? Will you make 2015 your year for fulfilling the Lord's Final Command ? People need to hear the salvation message and we are who God is calling to spread His life-changing message

Will you say to God - " Here i Am Lord, Send me " ? And then go and start sharing the gospel today. Put a big smile on God's face, and one day you will hear Him say to you : " Well done thy good and faithful servant "

have a blessed day,   Gary