Fay (31 May 2015)
"Bob Anderson re Evil-Org"

Hi John and Doves,

Bob - I haven't has the time to go through all the links on this website. The few I have managed are quite stomach churning. As in - we are now having our eyes opened as to all the machinations that satan has kept hidden for so very long.  I surmise that our LORD has allowed this all to be kept hidden so that when our eyes are opened ( as in NOW) we can truly comprehend the horror and manipulation humanity invited in, in the Garden of Eden. The very beginning. I feel quite ill at how naive we have all been - trusting in authority - trusting that "our elders always know better" blah blah.  There is no time for reflection or bitterness. We all need to get with our LORD's programme and pray about what it is He needs us to do next. How do we use this knowledge to strengthen His purity against the evil that riddles His beautiful creation. We are, after all, HIS army. I really am asking. Are our prayers for redemption enough?