Fay (31 May 2015)
"Bob A re Speed of Light"


Hi again Bob,

I find your posts fascinating. Thank you for sharing your research. All the science stuff (to my simple lay person's mind) can be brought down to a few facts. A) God made us (human beings) in His image. B) Jesus (whose image we are made in) told us that He IS the light. If we are all made up of light, (our blood for e.g.) vibrational frequencies etc., then what are "they" made of? So-called 'dark matter'?

The contrasts the LORD has given us on this planet and in our current reality, is that everything has an opposite. Light / dark, heavy /light, white / black, evil /good, beautiful / ugly, order / chaos etc., - I'm sure you get the drift.. Hence the simple choice we are given - believe upon the LORD Jesus Christ (on the one hand) or choose not to. There is no grey area that is acceptable (no luke warm shoulder shrugging).

I cannot fathom the ways of God - different speeds of light - decay - entropy - the true age of the earth - how gravity works etc. Why our planets hang like baubles in the sky. How our sun keeps burning, providing us with warmth and light. EVERYTHING is just plain miraculous. The teachings of Jesus are so profound - so good, so simple. The Bible is miraculous. Adding the LORD's precise method of creation into the mix (via the science) just blows the top of my head off. We have no other choice. We place all our faith in the veracity of the Bible or we are all up pooh creek! (excuse the vulgarity).

Our leaders - ruling elite - royalty - banking systems etc., are obviously corrupt. Organised religion (major league churches) are obviously corrupt.. We watchmen are pretty much awake and aware now. Our LORD Jesus is very nearly here. If Israel was given a final 70 years in the Holy Land, then we are here at 3.5 years before that end. How He "shortens" those days is obviously not for us to know. His timeline is His timeline.

God Bless you, Bob. And all Doves.