Fay (31 May 2015)
"Bob A re Mr Morningstar"

Hi Bob - It's difficult to find the words. From watching these documentaries - reeling in shock - realising that all these stories are NOT conspiracies. They are FACT. What are we to do with this knowledge? Processing it is difficult enough. Where do we take it? Where do we start?
Surely this eye opening knowledge means the "man of sin" is about to be revealed - or, indeed, has been revealed? Going over the heartbreaking history of both world wars, Vietnam, Korea...............the bloodthirsty histories of all European royalty leading mankind into war after war after endless bloody war. The finger of disgusting guilt pointed at ALL our so-called leaders, kings and queens. We KNOW who the culprits are now.

Our military, police etc., have been corrupted, coerced, blackmailed. Mainstream media are all a joke. We cannot rely on any of them. 

Is it too late to make even a token gesture of revolt? It's all so devastating and depressing. My heart is full of tears.

For those who did not get a chance to view these links - I urge you to do so.