Elliot Hong (31 May 2015)
"A Connection between Shavout and the Six-Day War"

Dear Doves:
In my previous post, I wrote that Shavout is not fulfilled yet and the correct day
of Shavout is 5/31, not 5/24.
Since Shavout is 2 days feast, we should watch closely for 5/31 and 6/1.
May 31 was the day that Big Ben was completed in 1859.  Big Ben is the symbol
of the world time, and something big could occur on this day.
6/1 is the Full Moon, and the Destruction could occur on this day.
6/1 in US is 6/2 in Israel, and 6/2 is the 153rd day of the year.
If the Rapture doesn't happen on 5/31 or 6/1, there is a possibility that 7 more days
could be extended.
Here are my reasons why:
1) According to Exodus 24:16-18, after the Israelites received the Law on Shavout,
    God called Moses on the seventh day within the cloud.  Then Moses entered the
    cloud as he went on up the mountain.  To me, this verse could match with
    1 Thessalonians 4:16 that we shall be caught up in the clouds to meet the Lord.
2) June 7 was the day that Israel captured Jerusalem during the Six-Day War. 
     It could be a "type" that the Bride enters New Jerusalem. 
     Capturing Jerusalem was liberating the City, and Shavout is the feast counting
     50 which means Jubilee and Liberation.
3) During the Six-Day War, June 7 was Iyar 28.  Also Iyar 28 was the day when our
     Lord ascended to Heaven.  Iyar 28 was 5/16 this year, and it was the last day of
     the second week that Hezekiah and the Israelites celebrated the 2nd Passover.
     It is written in 2 Chronicles 30:26 about this last day as below:
    "There was great joy in Jerusalem, for since the days of Solomon son of David
      king of Israel there had been nothing like this in Jerusalem"
     And June 7 is 21 days from 5/16.  21 means Delay and Exceeding sinfulness of sin.
4) The Transit of Venus occurred on June 5/6, 2012 and this heavenly sign might be
     connected to the event of the Bride's home coming.
In addition, we should watch for June 9 as well.  If we count 9 days from Shavout(6/1),
it comes to June 9 which is Tuesday, the third day, and Cana wedding day.  9 means
the fruits of the Holy Spirit. Amazingly, from 4/4 when the Blood Moon Eclipse appeared
on Passover to 6/9 is 66 days.  There are 66 Books in the Bible.  It could be the design
of the Almighty that 66 days are allowed from 4/4 for the Judgment.  Also Purim is the
feast for commemorating Esther who is a "type" of the Bride, and 6/9 is 96(mirror image
of 69)days from Purim this year(3/5).
In conclusion, it is my belief that the Tribulation will begin from either Rosh Hashanah,
Yom Kippur, or Sukkot in 2015.  And the feast of Trumpet is not for the Rapture since
 it is not the harvest feast.  Also we should consider a hint of 4 months as it is written
 in John 4:35. For these reasons, I think the time frame from 5/31 to 6/9 is a very good
 possibility for the Blessed Hope.
But no one knows the day or the hour.
Just keep watching!