DP (31 May 2015)

Please see my prior post on this:
Just wanted to share one very revealing verse in Hebrews chapter 3:1 
''Wherefore, holy brethren, partakers of the Heavenly Calling.............''
I feel that is a ''rapture reference''. In this book of Hebrews Paul is showing the superiority of Jesus's Priesthood to that of Moses and the Levites.
But within that context are Clear references to the timing of the Rapture..........especially in Ch. 12 which first describes Mt. Sinai, where God told the people ''to be ready by the Third day''...........to the Heavenly Calling mentioned in the same chapter, where we ARE COME to Heavenly Jerusalem!
The Time of Exodus 19 and MT. Sinai is Pentecost. Paul goes out of his way in Hebrews chapter 12 to compare what is set before us to what happened in Exodus 19 on Pentecost. Why?
Thus the 'warning' verses in Hebrews about ''neglecting so great a Salvation'...........see Hebrews 2:3 and chs. 6 and 9 ARE indeed Warning verses written to Born Again Saints..........but Understanding is needed to know that the warning is not ''loss of eternal salvation'' but, instead, loss of ''making the Rapture''. It / the Rapture / can be missed.
The warning verses as well as the 'encouragement' verses of Hebrews apply to the Salvation that the Rapture will Bring. It can be neglected. Understanding this will OPEN the book of Hebrews to your understanding of just what Paul is saying.
And to miss the Rapture is indeed a very serious thing. Make no mistake about it.
Watch Pentecost.