Bob Anderson (31 May 2015)

Dear Pastor Bob,

I accidently ran cross this site which is a compilation of Brian T. Huie's teachings (whoever he is). At first I thought I was dealing with another hidden SDA site, which, usually, I easily uncover. Evidently this is not so.  I can find no information on Huie, nor of the organization he is a part of: Derek LeChayim Bible Study group. I've read a significant number of his essays. He can be brilliant on some DETAILS, but his overall thrust denies almost 2000 years of Christian doctrine, most notably the Trinity. He uses a multitude of Bible translations (whatever best supports whatever he is trying to say) but NEVER, EVER references the KJV. Comparing excerpts from the sundry translations with the KJV can be shocking! The following is a particularly outrageous essay. You can click HOME at the top of the page to see all of his essays.

I do not recommend that any 5DOVER read this (I suppose that means that every 5DOVER will read it :-) :-) It's pure, doctrinal poison cloaked in a shroud of scholarship. 

Do you know of this man or his organization? I'm at my wit's end, having conducted every search I can think of without result. It's as though he doesn't exist except for his writings.