Anthony Mak (31 May 2015)
"Highest possibility that Rapture may also eventually be known as "2nd Pentecost""

This is not a one day good idea thing but rather a painstaking research / pondering over and over and over things with prayers ( like Ezekiel's wheels that had gone round and round in small and big circles, clockwise and anticlockwise etc..etc..) that had led to this very possible conclusion. ( with the help and contributions of some brother's and sister's studies and input on the matter here and there, which otherwise would not have given me all that I needed to draw to this very very possible conclusion )

So, I'm going to present it in such a way ( summarized mostly ) that only those who may feel an interest to pursue further on their own may do so with their OWN study into it after reading this and come to the own opinions or conclusion. ( as most doves here are quite analytical Bible intense students )

1) There was a "2nd" Passover called by King Hezekiah on the 14th day of the "2nd month" back in  "2nd" Chronicles chapter 30 and when the whole chapter is carefully read and studied, it is a "picture" reflected to this last generation's preparation of the bride in many ways where the Bride was not "ready" at the "1st" Passover to perform it...the Lord had "passover" His Church during 1st Passover on 4th April 2015 ( especially more so important this year! ) and had found the Church "not fully ready" and so has initiated as the KING, ( as did Hezekiah the King at that time ) a "2nd" Passover 30 days later to give the Church a little bit more time to WAKE UP and make herself ready.

2) This is where everything seems to shift into the mystery of the Rapture of the Church and to justify why the Lord really meant what He said about knowing the EXACT day and hour of its happening BUT will still be able to know the SEASON and WATCHING it APPROACH!

3) After 2nd Chronicles 30, there's no more mention about any follow up with a possible "2nd" Pentecost in order to fully finish up all the way to "2nd" Pentecost which would have been appropriate BUT they in fact EXTENDED another 7 days the feast of unleavened bread only and everything seemed to have stopped there after that with no Omer count etc...

4) This may be the :"hidden" mystery left to be played out in a way future time when the Church would be birthed on a Pentecost as only a "downpayment guarantee" that will be FULLY "paid up" and the deal completely SEALED at another future PENTECOST!!! BUT WAIT, the "1st" Pentecost was already fulfilled and could not be "re-fulfilled", so, unless there was a providence somewhere hidden in the Bible for a "2nd" different fulfillment of the SAME FEAST, then the next best possibility would be a next unfulfilled feast which is Trumpets, BUT, THERE IS SUCH A PROVISION!!!!

5) Further evidences / possibilities of this must be able to fit and match the words of the Bible on the matter in order to be applicable and SURE ENOUGH, just as the "2nd" Passover was celebrated differently and WAS STILL ACCEPTED BY THE LORD, ( read 2nd Chronicles chapter 30 carefully ) SO WILL THE 2nd PENTECOST!!! AND, at the same time matching up to all the other words of the Lord about it as well like, it will happen "suddenly" and no one knows the day or the hour etc...

6) The Bible reminds us in 1Cor.8:2 that we really "do not know things as we really ought to know", so, the "2nd" Pentecost like the 2nd Passover may also not be played out as we think it should with a "new" counting of Omers after the 2nd Passover timeline BUT nevertheless, as a God of order, IT ( 2nd Pentecost ) may most likely have to be 'fully come" BEFORE the all important 50 days from the "scheduled" feast of unleavened bread from 2nd Passover which should be not further then end of June this year and the Rapture may take place ( if its this year ) ANYTIME WITHIN THIS PERIOD as no one knows the day or the hour!! On the other hand or another way of looking at this, since the 1st Pentecost, the world has been technically been in a "Pentecost dispensation" until it ends before a "trumpets" time can begin within the 2,000+ years of "Pentecost"...

7) Also, for the above to be true, the first 3 feasts of the Lord will have to point only to His 1st Coming and the last 3 feasts will have to be pointing only to His 2nd Coming AND the feast of Pentecost can only be pointing to the Church and the Church Age which also brings perfect harmony for the fulfillment of His appointed times...God Bless