Pastor Bob (25 May 2014)
""Standing in the Gap - 7""


Another common statement of Steven "Mark" Wohlberg erronously states often is"

++He states the word "covenant" always refers to the Messiah.

This is patently untrue.  Specifically, he has stated, "the word 'covenant' is Messianic, and always applies to the Messiah, and not Antichrist in his reference to Daniel 9:24-27.  He refers to Galatians 3:17 and Romans 15:8 to prove his point.  It behooves me how Wohlberg arrives at this position.  I see it as an example of where he "cherry-picks" and takes out of context a verse to justify or "proof text" his errant teachings.

Any verse has to be examined in its context; with a passage, or within a chapter, etc.  The first rule of interpretating Scripture is that of context in which it is framed.  For example, there are numerous examples of covenants in the Bible, which have nothing directly to do with God per se.  We see in Genesis 26:26 a covenant, which takes place between Isaac and Abimelech over the use of a well.  God has instituted a number of covenants with people.  Like Abraham, Noah, Moses, and others.  These covenants do not necessarily reflect a Messianic nature.  There is also the covenant between Jacob and Laban, found in Genesis 31.

The New Covenant, which is certainly hinted at in God's initial covenant statement with Abraham -(Genesis 12-13) is specifically Messianic in nature -(confirmed in Isaiah 42 and 53.  Jeremiah 31,32,33,34; Malachi 3; Hebrews 13,21; 1 Corinthians 11; and in each of the Gospels).  Since Wohlberg has again made blatant statements about "ALL" has provided absolutely nothing that would allow us to know exactly what he means, we are left scratching our heads.  It is obvious from Scripture, though, that not all covenants are related to the Messiah.  He can't prove his point in the Daniel passage that this covenant is about or with Jesus Christ, but in reality it is about the Antichrist making a covenant of death with Israel.

Another statement he makes regularly on his site and books is:

++ He believes the phrase "Confirming the covenant with many" means that Christ died for many.

I have already discussed the meaning of "confirming the covenant with many".  Wohlberg believes it refers to Jesus Christ's atonement, and also believes that in Matthew 26:28, Jesus is quoting directly from Daniel.  I would disagree vehemently here, since Jesus is referencing Exodus 24:8 (when Moses sprinkled th blood on the people as the sign of the covenant).  The writer of Hebrews 9:20 refers to this same covenant.

In the Daniel text, there is absolutely no mention of BLOOD associated with the covenant and one can only speculate as to why God would have left out this extremely important part, if in fact, the text of Daniel does refer to the cross of Jesus Christ.

I know from experience few churches are interested in serious Bible study.  I have pastored too many churches that were ill-prepared to do serious Bible study.  I once was in consideration as a candidate for pastor of a church that was more interested in knowing whether I would play on their softball team than what I knew about the Bible. Christians are always called to give a defense of what they believe.  I have always taken that one step further, that being I was interested in my members knowing why they believed what they believed. 

In my very first meeting with a pastoral parish committee for my first student appointment, my superintendent and myself and my wife sat in a circle in the church basement.  This will shock you, but the committee was interested in only three things:  1.  Could I lead singing,  2.  Would I mow my own grass, and  3.  How long was I going to stay.  I was speechless because issues about my belief never were brought up or discussed. 

Most people are susceptible to the SDA's religious babble and are easily hooked by the SDA's focus on prophecy conferences as a hook.  After all, have you ever met a person not interested in Bible prophecy, regardless of anything else.  Church folk do not get much solid teaching by their pastors that are rooted in "Covenant/Reformed" theology, where Bible prophecy is "spirtualized" and treated as "allegory".  Bible prophecy is a topic that many people are interested in, especially when they learn about events in the Middle East, the Ukraine, and Blood Moons, etc.

Churches of the "Covenant/Reformed" theology roots (about 80% of all churches today) can't teach Bible prophecy.  Their pastors do not study the topic, and aside from the fact they are afraid to touch the topic with a ten foot pole, the don't believe in it.  They believe for the most part in the Amillennial view (no millennium or Kingdom Age), and so for those hungry for the truth fall prey to the traps and snares the SDA' cult lay.  If the SDA cult does not real them in quickly, they become road kill for the JW's and fellow travelers, the Mormons.  They become seduced into their aberrant false gospel.

The battle for truth is waged against many "counterfeits" today and one can conclude Lucifer does not perceive truth to be a serious obstacle for him, given the fact most so-called Christians are CINO's (Christian in name only).

Then comes along Steven Wohlberg. who said the main books I read as a child were from Dr. Seuss series: 'Green Eggs and Ham', ' Horton Hears a Who!', and 'The Cat in the Hat Comes Back', but mostly I watched monster movies....."

While he claims to have a Master's of Divinity from the SDA seminary in Michigan, his writings and sermons detect an absence of Biblical language training, in content, syntaxt, grammar, church history or Biblical studies; he has learned enough to validate that well known statement, "A little knowledge is dangerous." 

I'm referring to the blind leading the blind.  If you think I am wrong on anything I have shared in my posts, then "prove me wrong".  I'm not talking about minor "hair splitting points" but the larger non-negotiable issues of the faith.  I adhere to Acts 17:11 and I have nothing to sell.  I back up my statements with Biblical evidence and anechdotal evidence throughout the Scriptures and history.  The Bible does not always lay out its details in bullet points whereby truth is easy to understand.  Paul's words to Timothy stipulated the need for thorough study.  I certainly do no violate interpretation by "cherry-picking" proof texts as justification of support of a premise.

Most of the disputes over Scripture meaning are a consequence of "Replacement" theology or "Supersessionism".  This view is the dominant view of 80% of all churches, however, it is errant, if you ever hope to truly understand the Bible and its message.  The church is not Israel and Israel is not the church!   Steven Wohlberg exploits "Replacement" theology, the SDA spiritual matriarch Ellen White taught it and people fall for this trap because of those evil Jews, thinking and believing all our problems would be solved by getting rid of them.  That is exactly what Lucifer wants you to believe.  It all anti-Semitic and from the pit of Hell!

There is an abundance of internet sites that espouse Biblical passage quotes, along with hyping fear tactics, and  many of them have things to sell, like gold and silver, survival foods, hats, clothing and books.  I never started a web site of my own because of the moral imperative of a need to maintain purity.  As a pastor I put a stop to all the church methods of raising money to pay the bills.  It wasn't easy and people bucked it, but if you want to be a church, don't open a restaurant making candy, coleslaw, sauerkraut, spaghetti dinners, or roast beef dinners.  When they would say these efforts pay your salary, and my reply was close the doors and I will move on.  The first year of ceasing these fund raisers would be a bit hard but by the second and third year we were in the clear and only had fellowship events. 

The church today has become impotent in most cases, because it refuses to be the church.  Its people are easy pickings for the likes of Steven 'Mark' Wohlberg!

God bless,

Pastor Bob