Pastor Bob (25 May 2014)
"Reply: to Bob Anderson"


Good morning Bob:

Thank you for your reply.  I am familiar with your references to Tom McElmurry and Les Feldick.  When I had "Sky Angel" TV, before it folded, and went to a subscriber base on the Internet, I used to watch Les regularly, primarily as a "Theological" observer.  After watching Les for more than a decade, I found him to be a pretty intelligent and sound expositor.  Over all I would have agreed with him on about 97% of his teaching.

Yes I have read E.W. Bullinger's commentary on Revelation.  While I like Ironsides as well, I do not always agree with everything he had to say.  The interesting and ironical thing about the great theologians, they all were blind in some aspect of the Word.  This is why I have to agree with Chuck Missler, when he talks about Acts 17:11.  We have to keep things Berean style.

I don't particular like the term ultra-dispensationalist because of the message that it sends.  I had a Bishop in the UMC, that used to tell his pastors, he wished we did not have the "labels" we have because it created walls for folks.  While only somewhat true; my view is more to the effect fir the need to establish Biblically correct sound and testable doctrine.  This is even more important today because the Internet provides crack pots a platform to spread their errant belief systems and errant theology.  I immediately think of the "Rogue theologian" that the prophecy forum posts his videos so often.

He is a Preterist and above all a Kingdom-now theologian.  He uses the term "seer" behind his name, and that sets off alarms in my head about self-promotion-type narcissist personalities.  Dominionism/Kingdom-now theology are a great threat to the Faith.  They are well entrenched in the militia movements around the country.  Their message brings criticism of Christians aligned with Patriots.  They are a threat to the Christian faith because of how the government perceives them in the governments comments about Christian Identity groups they are seen as a threat to the government.

In 52 years of ministry, there is not much that I have not come across.  As I said the Internet gives anybody an opportunity to put out his "shingle" and call himself an expositor of the Word.  From that freedom available to, it becomes incumbent upon us to not let our training go to seed.  I am trying to ascertain what the purpose or goal of that other site really is, because they continue to attack Five Doves and John.  When I say that, I do so because of their repeated bias towards the SDA's, that are continually, day after day, pushed at the readers at their site.  I am highly suspicious of something more that may be afoot.  Why would you give credence to an aberrant cult when you know it its just that?  Either they believe the SDA teaching is truth, or they are simply attempting to outright lie and deceive for deception purposes.  I have a post that I am writing at the moment about "Ading and Abetting the Adversary". It should be up by the time John gets his next postings updated.

When I finish my "Standing in the Gap" series, I am going to do an in depth series of posts on the methods and strategies of the SDA in their deceptive practices to attract believers.  They boast how much there church (cult) is growing but never tell you they lose about a million members a year.  

Thanks for sharing.  I never intended to post but instigated because of the heresy garbage at that other forum page.


Pastor Bob