Mike Curtiss (25 May 2014)
"What Does God Want to Say Directly to You"


Hey Brothers & Sisters,

I've discovered how to determine God's thoughts about my salvation and my individual
responsibilities down to the very number of the hairs upon my head. Long time followers of my letters will recognize the evolution in my pattern of understanding. Once again, I refer all of you to the daily Bible devotional publication "Every Day in the Word" It's a read the Holy Bible in one year study tool published back in the 1950's, so God indeed wrote the end before he wrote the beginning.

Let me explain to you how I discovered this publication was specially authored by the divine to reveal to us our sins and our failures before the Rapture, so we don't miss the opportunity to go home to heaven. Obviously, this has enough supernatural significance for all of those following Jesus Christ in these last days just because it holds verses from the Holy Bible. However, if you read on I'll explain to you why "Every Day in the Word" is much more than mere reiteration of Bible verses reproduced randomly.

First, the September 11th attack upon the World Trade Center in New York was the basis of the NYT Best Seller "The Harbinger" by Rabbi Cahn. In his book, we discovered Isaiah 9:10 was the key verse of scripture, which reveals God's testing and judgement of these United States. I  discovered "Every Day in the Word" featured Isaiah 9:10 as part of the daily reading assignment for 9/11. This sent the wheels spinning in my prophetic mind. Mathematically, the odds are already one in 31,000 thousand against Isaiah 9:11 being chosen for it's appearance on September 11th. Then consider there's only a 1 in 365 chance this verse is assigned to be read on September 11th in a Bible in a year publication. Did "Every Day in the Word" on 9/11 merely contain this one coincidental verse, or was God trying to get everyones attention and furnish for his children a supernatural roadmap we all could follow home to heaven? The odds against coincidence are already 31,000 X 365 against chance, but this story only gets better and more powerful.

Second, Friday night my wife and I were invited over to a wonderful older couples house for
dinner. During a great meal and time of fellowship, I disclosed the plan I had been mulling over for a new ministry outreach to disabled Christian adults. For a week, I'd been researching verses about healing to determine a scriptural basis for this ministry. Just Thursday, I'd selected John 9 and the healing of the blind man by Jesus at the Pool of Siloam as the verse. We would call it Pool of Siloam Ministries as a title for our future effort. The host and I had spoken together earlier in the day and he carefully prodded me during our conversation with our wives.

Finally, after I awoke Saturday morning I clicked on "Every Day in the Word" and selected
the Listen button. Now you can listen to what God said to me;


Agape Love,

Michael Curtiss