Lynnette (25 May 2014)
"Dr Owuor May 23- May 24 LIVE Night Vigil"


Dear John & Doves, 

Just found posted - Dr Owuor is holding

Powerful Night Vigil    COMING UP *  LIVE*    on

It has been  posted on Dr Owuor's website. for  today  May 23- May 24, 2014

Currently the   Announcer mentioned it begins that top of the hour  - 7 PM there - it will begin.

East Africa time zone is  7 hours ahead of Eastern USA time. It will begin soon.

Translations available on same website in Spanish, Portuguese, Finnish, French, Korean and German too.

Dr Owuor's schedule does mention June 27- 29, 2014 Mayaysia Conference.

Blessings, Lynnette