Lynnette (25 May 2014)
"All Doves - Golden Wheat"


Dear John and Doves,

Am thinking of  " ya' ll "  as I am reading  the Field of Golden Wheat  from

Mary Clark 

Am sending it along for your encouragement as we watch & pray. The Faithful One is Coming ! 

Separately, Michael Colunga, Thank you for your recent  note & songs. I have been enjoying them :)  Lynnette

Here BeLOVED Doves- is

The Field of Golden Wheat

May 21, 2014

In a vision, I saw Someone riding a white horse along a path that went through a field of golden wheat.  

Why did You show this to me, dear Lord?


I want My beloved children to see something of great importance.  The harvest is ready.  

I have made it ready.  It is ready and I am going to claim My own.  

I am going to get My own and take them to a happy place in Me.  

I want you to prepare your hearts to enter into this place.  I want you to open your hearts to receive all that I am offering in this day.


I, the Beloved, the God and King of the universe, have prepared you for this fine hour.  

The harvest is ready.  I am ready.  Are you ready, precious child?  

Are you ready for all that I have prepared for your enjoyment? 

I hope you are, for surely as I speak, the time is right, the harvest is ripe, 

and I am about to harvest My abundance and take My dear children into a new and happy place with Me, 

a place where you will enjoy the glory of your God and walk in a peace you have never known, never realized existed.


The time is right. The harvest is ready. Get ready for the events that will bring all to fruition, 

and know, dear child, that this is what I have been speaking to you about since time began,

since I first created you to walk in the knowledge of My love for you!!!