jfh (25 May 2014)
"To: Marilyn Agee"

Re: Angels are for real
Thank you so much for your testimony.  My mother who lived to be 96 had such a dream/vision right after my father died.  She called him her best friend.  He was once on the jury and it ran past midnight and he demanded they call her and tell her where he was.  Of course, everybody knew everybody in our small town. 
He died at 67.  Mother had been taking care of both he and his mother.  My grandmother died just 3 months later at 91.  Momís mother had had a vision of heaven just before she lay back down and died at only 65.  They all knew the Lord personally and were heavy into Bible study.  Mother read thru the bible once a year and had many research books that I, of course, inherited.  Iíve accumulated more and search them often.  The Lord is always bringing something up for me to look into more deeply. 
So you can image, Iíve been in church since cradle roll.  I joined the church very early but it was a progressive understanding and knowledge of the Lord with me.  If you donít realize you are a sinner and need salvation God will definitely show you.  At just eleven I flat out disobeyed an order by my mother [didnít make sense to me] and immediately I hurt myself and developed a scare on my leg that lasted for years as a reminder.  I took care of my wound and even put iodine on it.  Smile  Nobody, but God, knew what I had done. 
We must repent and take Jesus as our Savior before we can receive the blessings.  In the beginning God sacrificed a lamb and covered the sins/nakedness of Adam and Eve.  There sin was DOUBT. I guess my sin was doubt that what I wanted to do was dangerous.  What did I try to do?  Climb the fence to thus get on top of the garage!.  Piece o cake, I thought.  Little girls were not suppose to be so adventurous.
Thanks again Marilyn,  jfh