Charles Holler (25 May 2014)
"Pastor Bob RE: missing Link"

Greetings John and Doves,
      Hi Bob!!! Your post get better and better. This post is to just remind you to give us the link for the below post. Your insight is so refreshing on interpreting the scriptures. Issac Newton said it is impossible if you don't read, write, and speak the Ancient Hebrew and Greek. I was rebuked on that other site for mentioning that an education is important (by someone with out higher learning of coarse) They want to throw out cherry picked verses like "The Holy Spirit will teach you all things" Let me ask...How could the Holy Spirit teach you anything about the KJV if you never learned how to read or write? He could still guide you through wooings and checkings but you would be tieing His hands behind His back. It is the same if you can't read, write, or speak Hebrew and are limiting His ability to teach you. That is my 2 cents and your post have motivated me to take some classes for Hebrew. Thank you.....I'll tackle Greek next.
Charles Holler Sr

All Doves:

The late Rick Coombs, a Greek scholar, published America the Babylon back in 1996.  Several years later he published a second volumn.  Both were available until Rick succumbed to cancer.

Both were available on CD.  I was fortunate enough to obtain them right after their being published.  They have been out of print for several years.  I highly recommend you download it and store it to your hard drive for future reading.  They are even more important than most of you may understand because Rick was a Greek language major at Moody Bible Institute, I believe if my memory is correct.  When you read his book you will begin to understand why your Bible does not always translate the Greek or Hebrew text as it appears in your Bible.

Someone thought it important enough to share on the internet.  You can download at the ling attached.

God Bless,

Pastor Bob