Charles (25 May 2014)
"Gino we are being warned listen and witness my friend and all doves"


It is getting so hard to witness to see. I watched after my dream a torrential storm bringing sub tropical water over the eastern USA. I have watched the flooding in Europe.  More is on the way. The only protection is psalm 91.

I look around and try to warn get right with Jesus now as I myself try to follow that. Jesus is real and eternal the world is temporal temporary. No one wants to here that. I see a world mesmerized by the artificial reality of tv, video games, look around at a restaurant are people talking or on their smart phones texting while playing games.

In reading the bible I am convicted to fear The Lord that is the beginning of wisdom. I am tutored to understand only His sacrifice of His Son offers us any hope in this life or the next.

I see more truth in Paul NF'S letter today then any sermon I have heard. I tried to tell others about the events in the chosen land this week, comet linear and a new meteor shower, the prophetic implications, and no one cares.

I hear go live in the woods if I don't just focus on here, do my work pay the bills, eat GMO; watch medicine commercials, wash rinse repeat.

But there is an almighty creator. Who created us in His image. Who is now talking the birds away, the fish, sheep bashing their heads, and creepy holograms of MJ showing they can project the AC.

God is trying through the whirlwinds remember my whirlwind vision and all the tornados the day after his apple was compared to apartheid. We were warned.

I am here in the flesh helpless chirping I know what is not seen is real and eternal but what's here is temporary. The new gospel is live the purpose driven life here. The real gospel is to focus on the heavenly and die to here.

I  know what's coming. And everyone here is eating drinking marrying and getting married not knowing they are to fear The Lord and obey the truth of His Son. All else is vanity.

I try to work be quiet here but my thoughts are and my spirit is alone surrounded by people who wonder why I don't run to the same excess of riot.

Please put down the smart device if you are reading this you have some reason to be and ask the eternal God to convict you of the truth of this world that its a complete lie and the truth is spirit and life.