Jim Bramlett (15 May 2013)
"Two astounding testimonies"

Dear friends:

Yesterday I got a call from a minister friend who calls me about once or twice a year.  Each time he calls it is about something important relative to the rapture. This call was to tell me about two astounding testimonies he learned about concerning the time we are in.  His source is a mutual friend who is a dentist and Bible scholar.

Below are the testimonies:

1.  This is from Pastor Elvi Zapata:

"Sisters and brothers, the Tribulation is at hand. Our going home will happen any day NOW, Jesus took me to the Tribulation in my own body last night, as he was taking me there I noticed that we're still in 2013, I clearly remembered what he had told me back in December of 2012, I remembered him saying to me, the Tribulation will start in 2013, while arriving at the Tribulation time here in the United States, I noticed total chaos , it looked like earthquakes had hit this land, the ground had over ten foot cracks all over the land, I seen demons chasing people it was horrifying people were full of fear, I saw demons killing kids no older than 8 years of age, I told one demon to stop, he looked at me and said who are you? People were asking me where are you come from? I answered I used to live here on this land for many years, I noticed that some of them were like business people who had no time to seek God, by talking to them there and seeing their reaction, I noticed the Rapture had happened months ago."

2.  Daughter's visit to heaven:

(I shared this with a few of you a few days ago.)

On April 6, 2013, my daughter, Shae, age 11-years, told me this experience that she had.  This is her account of Heaven, time being over, and the coming Rapture:
It was somewhere between 9 to 9:30 am, when my daughter was frantic and excited when she shouted: “Mommy, Mommy, Mommy.”  I was alarmed, as I wanted to know what had happened.  As I ran to her and asked her what was wrong she said, “I am so excited,” and she began to cry.  I again asked her what happened.  She then began to give her account of the following:

She said that when she first awoke this morning, she saw a huge angel in the room.  She was very frightened but could not say anything. She then tuned to face her left on the bed and saw another angel standing there also.  She then heard a voice saying:  “I am taking you to heaven.”

Within moments, she was in a very beautiful place looking at a throne made of a very, very bright light.  She said she could not see the entire throne, just the feet of WHO was sitting on the huge throne.  She then saw a MAN WHO was so big and tall but very beautiful and HE said to her:  “Come up here!”  Immediately she began to fly and flew directly up and sat on this MAN's shoulder.  She said she did not need to ask who he was because she automatically knew HE was JESUS.

HE then said to her:  “I am going to show you what will happen very, very soon.”  HE first took her to where some fruit trees were.  She saw an apple tree which had some beautiful apples.  She wanted to have one.  The LORD got one for her.  As she took it, the fruit changed to a different color in her hand.  JESUS then took her back to the FATHER's Throne to witness something that was about to happen.

When they arrived at the Throne of GOD, she saw a huge clock appear in Heaven.  The time was 12:00.  She also noticed some angels standing at a specific location.  A huge hand pointed to the clock and then she heard the loud blaring sounds coming from the trumpets as the angels sounded them.  The LORD JESUS then said to her: “Come let me show you what is happening on Earth.”

In seconds, they were on Earth.  As she looked, she saw millions of angels descend to the Earth.  As they did, some of them went to graves to collect people.  She said this was happening so fast she could not see, but [was] still being transported by JESUS on HIS Shoulders.  HE knew her thoughts and either adjusted her eyes or slowed down the event to allow her to see what was really happening.  The graves broke open and the angels came and took those who belonged to JESUS up out of the graves.  The manner in which they took them out was described as taking a sleeping baby up out of their beds.

As soon as this task was complete, all those who are still alive and belong to JESUS flew up into the sky to join with HIM and the angels and went into Heaven.

JESUS then took her back to Heaven.  When she got back to Heaven with JESUS, He took her to see our grandmother who passed away last October (2012).  She described her as being very young and beautiful.  JESUS then gave her this message and sent her back.  HE said:
“Tell them, I am no longer coming, but I AM HERE!  TIME IS OVER!!!"