Steve Mullin (22 May 2012)
"Salvation and Unsaved Loved Ones"

I wonder at times what the fate of our loved ones will be who have rejected the gospel. There are 6 of us in the family and 3 who are definitely born-again. My dad passed last year and I believe he accepted Christ while in the nursing home. I have a sister who I think believes but is not "born again", and then a younger brother who has questions and is not saved at this point, though he has opened up somewhat. My fear is that the rapture will happen and that my sister and younger brother will have to go through a horrendous period of time on earth, which of course would be hard to take, especially when I feel like I've tried everything I can to explain what's coming and why I believe it to no avail. 

Praying about the issue is difficult--I've prayed that God's will be done regarding their salvation. Of course in the end I want them in heaven, but does anyone think they could be taken in the rapture based on the two following verses in scripture even though they aren't saved? 

First, Noah was the one who was righteous but because of it, his wife, three sons and their wives were saved: Then the LORD said to Noah, “Enter the ark, you and all your household, for you alone I have seen to be righteous before Me in this time. Gen 7:1

Second, Paul said to the jailer in Acts 16:31 "And they said, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you shall be savedand your household"

I read an article stating that the household comment was only intended to the jailer, but doesn't that ignore the precedent set by Noah's example? And then if your "household" is saved, how far does that go? I hope at the very least that the unsaved will understand what has happened from the seeds that have been planted and not fall for the strong delusion that God will send to those who didn't believe, whether that is a one world religion or aliens or something else. And if the unsaved loved ones have to go through the fire, that our prayer for them at least minimizes the suffering and trauma.

Any thoughts or comments are appreciated.

Steve Mullin