Patti C (24 May 2012)

(RE: Frank Molver (22 May 2012)
"For those not sure who Obama is")

Hello Frank and all Doves!!

Thank you Frank for that interesting post!!  It was especially timely for me as I was just reading an article about the SECOND BEAST of Revelation and how it all relates to ancient Greece and Alexander the Great.  The comparisons between Greece and the USA, and how this Beast comes out of American, and is most likely the American president.  

This article was written by Larry A. Wright in 2010, and I do not agree with everything he conveys, so I am only including, here, the parts of his study that relates to this subject.  I thought it was interesting, plays well into what you were conveying in your post. You can read the whole article at:

The second beast must then also represent an empire just as the seven heads of the first beast, and because the second beast exercises all the power of the first beast, it too is an empire that rules the same area of the Middle East, but hails from a different part of the world, insomuch as the first beast rises from the sea, while the second beast rises from the Earth. This eighth empire has horns like a lamb (appears peaceful), but speaks like a dragon (powerful and warlike).

It causes all that dwell on Earth to worship the first beast whose deadly wound was healed. This refers to the wounded head mentioned in Revelation 13: 3. These are the seven heads of the first beast (1) Babylon (2) Media Persia (3) Assyria (4) Egypt (5) Greece (6) Rome, (7) British Empire.

The wounded head is the 5th kingdom, and was the Grecian Empire of Alexander the Great. Alexander was given his power, seat and great authority by the dragon = beast from bottomless pit - Revelation 13: 2 & 17: 8-13. The dragon thereby ruled the entire known world through the Grecian Empire, and Alexander the Great, its first king. When Alexander suddenly died at a very young age the dragon was wounded or cut off from power, and the Grecian Empire was divided into four kingdoms, the Antigonid, Seleucid, Bactrian and Ptolemaic Empires.

The dragon is later resurrected however = healed, or comes to power once again in the future through another man who rules over an eighth empire, which is a mirror image of the Grecian Empire, or the image of the beast. 
The second beast kingdom possesses great wealth, and military might, and it causes the people of the Earth to worship the first beast whose deadly wound was healed. This points to the 5th head of the First beast of Revelation 13, representing the Grecian Empire of Alexander the Great. It deceives the people of the Earth by means of its greatness, because it appears peaceful (horns like a lamb), but is really warlike (speaks like a dragon), and saying to them that dwell upon the Earth, to make an image to the beast which had the wound by a sword and did live. The second beast kingdom is saying to the people of the Earth, that they should make an image = (representation or likeness) of the fifth head = Grecian Empire, as it existed during the time of Alexander.

The second beast gives life to this representation and makes it speak. This means that the second beast kingdom is itself an image of the Grecian Empire, and causes as many as do not worship this same image to be destroyed.
Ancient Greece was an empire of city states, and the birthplace of democracy, constitutional government, and the democratic republic. An image of the Grecian Empire is a likeness of the Grecian Civilization. This would include the concepts of free enterprise, states, democracy, and the democratic republic. From these Grecian concepts sprang the United States of America.

The United States itself is an image or likeness of the Grecian Civilization. From its name, it's coinage, the concept of free enterprise, it's system of laws, it's form of constitutional government, the democratic republic, and even down to some of the architecture we see in Washington, and the names of some of its cities. All of these things had their origins in ancient Grecia.

The United States is telling the people of the world that they should worship democracy and free enterprise, and pattern their nations and governments in the same likeness or image of democracy and constitutional government, as it is, and as the Grecian Empire was during the time of Alexander the Great.

It gives support (life) to the democratic nations of the world, and causes the non-democratic nations to be destroyed. The U.S. appears peaceful but is really warlike, and has been involved in many wars, and even now is involved in yet another war. In this way the Bible has predicted that an empire would rise up in the end times, in the likeness of the Grecian Empire, and in the same image of a democratic republic, and cause the rest of the world to remake itself in this same image of democracy.

The only nation that fits is the United States of America, the main proponent of democracy in the modern world. It is obvious that the founding fathers of the United States patterned their new nation after the Grecian form of government and the democratic republic. The United States is therefore the second beast kingdom of Revelation 13.

Is the 'Beast' generic? The ' Beast' is a ruler of the Second Beast of Revelation 13, a global empire, and the 'Dragon', also known as the ' beast that ascends from the bottomless pit', secretly empowers this empire, as it did the Grecian Empire and Alexander the Great.

Consequently, any man who becomes the ruler of such a demonically controlled empire during the later days before the arrival of the Kingdom of God would by default become the 'Beast', or so-called 'Anti-Christ', because of his association with these forces, and as a representative of the Second Beast Empire. The 'Beast' could be similar in name to 'Caesar' which denotes any ruler of the Roman Empire after the reign of Julius Caesar.

This is not to say that the United States is an evil empire, ruled by evil men, but that the United States is now under the control of evil forces, or people aligned with evil intent, and any President elected in the later days, voluntarily or not, is controlled by these same forces.

Since 9/11 a profound change has taken place within the United States, so that a nation once centered in peace has now become a nation of war, aggression, military might, and empire building on a global scale. Many have noticed this change, and it's as if some demonic force has taken control of the United States, and has usurped the power of government, making any President who takes office merely a puppet of this power that rules secretly in the background.

Just as the Bible forewarned, the Dragon is now in control of this global empire. Because of this, you cannot look to any specific personage, such as President Bush, or President Obama, as the Beast of biblical renown, because once the legitimate government of the United States was taken over by this demonic force, or group of individuals, any President elected to office will likewise be a puppet of this same demonic force. 
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Larry A Wright
The pictures you included were an excellent representation of how well these concepts fit together!!  Yes!!  The DNC stage looks like the ALTER OF ZEUS, and adds just another component to WHO OBAMA REALLY IS!!!  He is the President and the times are ripe for him to be this Second Beast!!
Thanks again for the enlightening post!!  It is all becoming increasing clear that something is up with this man!!  Not just politically, but in so many other regards!!
May we escape before he is fully revealed to the world!!
Your sister in Christ,
Patti C.
Frank Molver (22 May 2012)
"For those not sure who Obama is"
I can understand why some would not think that Obama is the Anti-Christ and why some would.
However, if one wishes to state they do not think so, they should be able to base it on actually looking at the information shared.
If we want to have a logical discussion we need to actually look at the information and the actual comments and actions that Obama has done.
If we claim that we think it is 'biased' without looking at it, then who is biased?
There is plenty of info in the regular news to make one wonder who this guy, really is.
 Then we have the obvious that somehow the masses are blinded to.
Why would this man hold is acceptance of nomination in a copy of Pergamon, the throne of Satan?
The place where one of the first martyrs was sacrificed, referred to in the book of Revelation.
Don't say that it is supposed to be a copy of the White House, it isn't even close.
 Excellent link below, pictures and all.
 “The Angel
 of Pergamon”
Donny Newman02-2009
 A Necessary Correction.
December 08’, I was watching the program
Hosted by J.R. Church. On that program, a statement was made regarding the stage set up for Barack Obama at the Democratic National Convention, which was held back in August 08’ in Denver Colorado. It was stated that it appeared that the stage was designed after the Pergamos Altar of Zeus which is now housed in the Pergamon Museum located in Berlin, Germany. J.R. Church, as well, commented on the connection between the Pergamos Altar of Zeus and the Throne of Satan as referred to in:
Revelation 2:12
“And to the angel of 
the church in Pergamos
write,… 13 I know your works, and where you dwell,
Where Satan’s throne is
Well, this quickly caught my attention because I had written up an article, in September 08’,connecting the 2008 US Presidential Election and its key participants to the events and main characters recorded in the
“Book of Esther”.
If what was presented, on Church’s program, was true then I had “mistakenly” written, in my article,that Barack Obama had chosen to present himself from the stage of a “Roman Pantheon” sort of setting. Honestly, the distinction between Roman and Greek architecture made very little difference to me; however, after doing some research on the subject, I began to discover that there was, quite possibly,
much more to this story
than had been briefly presented on that particular TV program. Nonetheless, I was very thankful to J.R. Church for making an issue of this “Altar of Zeus”!
2.Hidden for All to See?
Pergamos Altar of Zeus Berlin The photos below clearly demonstrate the “resemblance” that would lead to observations that the DNCstage for Barack Obama appears to have been artistically designed based upon the Altar of Zeus.August28, 2008 DNC Denver