Neil Lipken (7 May 2012)
"Not just the "Iranian mess" coming, but also great economic problems!"

Donna Danna (5 May 2012) 
"We Are Preparing For A Massive Civil War in the U.S."

We Are Preparing For A Massive Civil War in the U.S. says Dept. of Homeland Security Informant

Special Warning: DHS Knows an Economic Collapse Is Coming and That People Are Not Prepared

I am just passing this on from the end time Bible prophecy website.  Recently Mr. Obama quietly issued an executive order (these bypass Congress) that paves the way for eventual martial law in America.  The U.S. is now borrowing around 1.5 trillion dollars per year to keep the country afloat.  This is unsustainable, and dire consequences are coming.  The question is not if, but rather when.  Both Syria and especially Iran are friendly with China.  China has the ability to pull the economic rug out from under America if America and/or Israel go after the Iranian nuclear facilities.  All of this comes at a time late in these End Times (Israel turns 64 this month).  Throughout the Bible an event of "sudden destruction" is linked to the Rapture.  The Bible tells us that people will be "eating and drinking, buying and selling, marrying and giving in marriage, planting, building, etc." at the time of this sudden destruction event.  In other words, life is going along very normally, and then BOOM comes the sudden destruction.  Just like the days of Noah!


P.S.  And I cannot stress this enough, very few people will listen to the warnings, just as in Noah's day!

P.P.S.  Hope everyone is getting ready to celebrate Mother's Day!  I know I am!  Back around 1968 when I was attending Indiana University in Bloomington, IN, there were Vietnam War protests going on around campus.  One of the classroom buildings had a human barricade around it.  I bravely broke through the barricade to go to class.  As I reached the door of the building, someone from the human barricade yelled back at me, "You mother!".  So, for now over 40 years I have been celebrating Mother's Day!  Next to Groundhog Day, it is my second favorite holiday!

P.P.P.S.  Many of you receiving this e-mail are aware of this, but there are "detention camps" in waiting in many places around the U.S.  Currently these are empty, but after the Rapture during the 7 year Tribulation Period there will be martial law in the U.S. (and globally), and Americans will be hauled off to these camps at the whim of the military.  Many will be killed in these camps, much like the German camps in Europe during WWII.