MathMan (5 May 2012)
"The Day the Lord Hit the Pause Button!!"


Dear Doves,


This will be one of those rare occasions where my post is both short AND non-mathematical.  It will deal with the day that the Lord hit the Pause Button as per Acts 2:1-4:


“And when the day of Pentecost was fully come, they were all with one accord in one place.  And suddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled all the house where they were sitting.  And there appeared unto them cloven tongues like as of fire, and it sat upon each of them.  And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance.”


According to verse 15, this indwelling of the Holy Spirit occurred around 9am on Pentecost Sunday morning.


Non-mathematical View 1:  The Pause Button


At 9am on Pentecost Sunday morning, almost 2000 years ago, the Lord pressed the Pause Button.  When He pressed the Pause Button, the Age of Law was paused, allowing for the Age of Grace to unfold.  The Age of Law remains incomplete and will be returned to AFTER the Age of Grace is finished.  One of the purposes of the Age of Grace is for the Lord to collect a Bride for Himself and will be the main subject of “Non-mathematical View 2” as outlined below.


The Age of Law will recommence AFTER the Age of Grace is complete, when the fullness of the Gentiles has come in.  It is now obvious to most of the watching Church that the Age of Grace is rapidly coming to a close.  All the signs are pointing to this very fact.


In other words, when the Lord presses the Pause Button again, the Age of Grace will stop and the Age of Law will be “un-paused”.  Before I provide what I feel is the most logical time for the Pause Button to be pressed again, I will provide a brief analogy to my point before I do:


Pretend that you are with your family in the middle of watching an exciting movie.  Unexpectedly, one of your kids loudly suggests that someone should make some popcorn.  You readily agree and, as you get up, someone courteously presses the Pause Button, stopping the movie instantly, right at the beginning of an intense disaster scene that has been building up during the movie to that point.  You then go to the kitchen and make some popcorn, bringing back a big bowl for you all to share.  You sit down and are now ready to restart the movie.  However, before you restart the movie, do you need to first rewind the movie?  Of course not - you still remember what had just happened.  Do you need to fast forward the movie a few minutes?  Again, of course not - you are just starting a very exciting part of the movie.  No, you start the movie at the EXACT point at where you had originally paused it!!


Keep this in mind for this paragraph.  Exactly when was the Age of Law paused?  Acts 2 explains that it was on Pentecost Sunday almost 2000 years ago.  So then, when would it APPEAR to be the most logical time for the Lord to once again press the Pause Button in order to restart the Age of Law?  IMO, just like in the movie analogy, it would make sense TO ME for the Lord to press the Pause Button again on the exact Holy Day He had originally paused the Age of Law.  If the Age of Law was paused on Pentecost Sunday, why not restart the Age of Law on Pentecost Sunday?  While I won’t even pretend to KNOW if that is what God will do, as His ways are FAR FAR FAR above my simpleton ways, it just seems like an overwhelmingly logical Holy Day to do this on.


I try to further this line of reasoning in the next point wherein I outline that PERHAPS the Lord still has some unfinished business for Pentecost.


Non-mathematical View 2:  Unfinished Business


While some feel that the sending of the Holy Spirit meant that Pentecost was fully satisfied, I personally respectfully disagree.  I may be wrong, but I believe that the Lord still has some unfinished business for Pentecost.


In a Jewish wedding, the bride chooses whether to accept the groom’s proposal.  If there is agreement and she accepts, then the deal is sealed, gifts are given and the bride is set aside until the groom finishes building a place for them to live.  But not just any place.  It has to be a place that meets with the father of the groom’s satisfaction.  When the place is satisfactorily completed, the groom THEN goes back for the bride and they are married.


I believe that the Holy Spirit was the gift from the Groom to His Bride showing that there is eternal agreement.  This eternal agreement extends to the fact that we are to be married to the Son.  Since the eternal agreement only “began on Pentecost” and, in my mind, was never completed (as the marriage is outstanding until the Rapture), I believe that this was merely a PARTIAL fulfillment of Pentecost.


As such, I believe that a logical day for the Groom to get His Bride would be on the same day as the eternal agreement began – Pentecost Sunday.  To me, THIS getting of the Bride in the Rapture would represent the FULL completion of Pentecost.  While I have already outlined many mathematical reasons in previous posts, this is just one of many QUALITATIVE reasons why I am so excited about this particular Pentecost!!


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My fellow brothers & sisters in Christ, we have more reasons now than ever to be REALLY excited about our soon wedding.  If the Rapture is not on Pentecost 2012 (May 26 / 27, 2012), it certainly won’t be much long after that.  I am convinced that the Trumpet is being polished for use as we speak.  Soon it will be blown throughout and the land and we will soon thereafter be caught up in the Heavens to be with our Saviour forever and ever!!


YbiC, MathMan