Mathman (30 May 2012)
"Charles:  The numbers 153 and 333!!"


Dear Charles & Doves,


You wrote about repeatedly seeing the numbers 153 and 333 (


“I keep seeing 153 the 153 fishes and 333 chose whom you will serve today!! I think the message is I am coming soon to gather my catch chose to be on the Lords team before the trumpet blows!”


There is good reason for this.  They may both be pointing towards the TRUE Pentecost date of June 3rd as being our long-awaited harvest!!


You simply MUST read my other article sent in today on this titled, “URGENT:  The Feast of Pentecost Date was OFF BY AN ENTIRE WEEK!!!  Confirmed by JACK KELLEY!!!”!!


-       153 = 1+5 3 = 6 3 = 6th month 3rd day = June 3rd = the TRUE Pentecost Date


-       Not only that, but the 153rd day of the year = June 2nd / 3rd = AGAIN, the TRUE Pentecost (that starts after Sunset the day before).  Funny, the 153rd day of the year is June 2nd because it is a Leap Year, but it would instead be June 3rd on an ordinary year


-       333 = 3+3 3= 6 3 = 6th month 3rd day = June 3rd = AGAIN, the TRUE Pentecost Date


John 21:11 outlines the importance of the number 153:  Simon Peter went up, and drew the net to land full of great fishes, an hundred and fifty and three: and for all there were so many, yet was not the net broken.”


WE, His Bride, are the fish about to be taken from the earth, great in number!!  And yet the Rapture net will not bust and not one of His Bride will be left behind!!


Keep looking up.  Our redemption draws VERY near!!


YbiC, MathMan