Mathman (2 May 2012)
"The Ironic Naming of the "Freedom" Tower"


Dear Doves,


As construction continues on the Freedom Tower in New York, a few observations come to mind:


-                     The Freedom Tower replaces the Twin Towers.  In essence, the Twin Towers represents the world “divided”.  Something the NWO simply can’t stand as One World Government has ALWAYS been their Ultimate Goal.  Its replacement will be a single “united” tower called the “Freedom” Tower, now united where the “Divided” Towers were, united like the soon to come One World Government.


-       Here is an excerpt from the following article on the Freedom Tower:


“Designs call for the tower's roof to stand at 1,368 feet — the same height as the north tower of the original World Trade Center. The building's roof will be topped with a 408-foot, cable-stayed mast, making the total height of the structure a symbolic 1,776 feet.”


-                     They certainly have the symbolic part right.  The 1776 feet is SUPPOSEDLY symbolic of the year 1776, the year that the Declaration of Independence came into being.  However, it is the same number (shown in Roman numerals) that is under the Seeing Eye Illuminati Pyramid on the back of the $1 U.S. bill.  The 1776 is ACTUALLY symbolic of the year in which the Illuminati were founded (although the Illuminati can trace its roots back many centuries before that, originating with Satan himself).


-                     In turn, the 1776 in Roman numerals is equal to MDCCLXXVI.  Notice that there are nine separate characters in this number, each of which can be grouped in 3s = MDC, CLX, XVI.  If one then puts the factors of ten, M C X, on the top of each of the three triangles, the bottom six points of the three triangles become DC LX VI.  DC + LX + VI = 600 + 60 + 6, or 666.  This triple pyramid, all pointing towards a One World Leader, is by design and was the REAL reason the year 1776 was chosen for the incorporation of the Illuminati to begin with!!


-                     As is characteristic of the Freemasons (Illuminati), they simply love to mock the “Ignorant” (us) using tongue-in-cheek irony, secretly poking a stick in our eye.  Sadly, the “Freedom” Tower will represent anything BUT freedom and will instead culminate with their damnable Mark of the Beast in the near future.  A Mark that will control every single person who takes it, and will damn them to Hell!!


-                     Notice that the original Twin “Divided” Towers formed a number 11 by there structure.  Not only that, but each Tower was EXACTLY 110 stories, equal to 11 x 10 stories each.  This represents 3 sets of 11, or 33.  The Illuminati LOVE the numbers 11 & 33.  Not only that, but few realize that the Twin “Divided” Towers footprint placement and proportion, but not the size in feet, were IDENTICAL to the pyramids of Egypt, just another occult symbol worshipped by the Satanic Illuminati.  It is not inconceivable that the very design of the Twin “Divided” Towers was thought out to the last detail, from its very design to its ultimate construction to its later demise, each stage representing the Illuminati’s absolute current control to the world.  This control was fully illustrated when they brought the Towers down, murdering 1000s at the same time.  Just imagine the further destruction if the beloved Restrainer didn’t continue to restrain until removed, and us with Him, in the Rapture?


-                     Do you notice that the new “United” Tower will end up being “the same height as the north tower”?  This is a subtle, but significant clue, pointing to another part of the Illuminati’s plans.  Who will rule in the upcoming NWO, the southern hemisphere or the northern hemisphere?  Of course it will be the northern hemisphere!!  As such, it is obvious that Africa & South America will continue to be mere pawns to the elite, to be used as a good source of natural resources.  The south tower is no more and the north tower controls all.


CONCUSION:  There was a reason why it has taken EXACTLY 11 years (there is that number again) for a new building to finally rise out of the ashes of the fallen “Divided Towers”.  2012 is THE year that the Illuminati will launch their One World Government takeover.  It is the year hinted at over and over again in movies such as “2012”.  The replacement “United” Tower, the modern Tower of Babel, for the “outdated Divided” Towers is NOT a symbol of freedom.  Instead, this Tower is just another outright mocking by the elite of the soon control they will have over those to soon be left behind in the Great Tribulation after the Rapture.


If you think I am simply making something out of nothing in this article, I would ask you to reconsider your stance!!  NEVER underestimate the underhanded evil plans and powers of these evil world elite.  The Bible certainly doesn’t and neither should you.  While the Lord wants nothing but the best for us, these diabolical elites will want nothing but the best for them and the worst for those who remain after the Rapture!!


Until then, may the ark be loaded up as full as possible with those who love the Lord before we are whisked away to be with our Husband for all eternity.  With any common sense, all would realize that NO ONE would want to be left behind for the Illuminati’s “unique brand” of freedom and hospitality.


YbiC, MathMan