Lynnette (4 May 2012)
"Mary Clark-  May 4,2012  Back in the Ditch"


Dear John & Doves,   For your encouragement I am sending this note along to you , Blessings,Lynnette


Back in the Ditch

May 4, 2012

Many of you are crying out to Me.  You are telling Me that you have fallen back in the ditch of self-deception.  I tell you, beloved, grab onto My words of truth and let them pull you out.  Don’t listen to the enemy.  Listen to My words of truth.  Who does My word tell you that you are?  Does My word tell you that I want you in a ditch, floundering?  No!  My word tells you that I want you free, free to walk in My truth with an effervescence that is not your own, but effervescence that I give freely.

Do not despair, dear one.  Help is on the way.  Rise up in the knowledge of My truth and pull yourself out with its strength.  It is for you to use when you find yourself in these situations.  It is for you to speak when you awake and mutter as you go about your day.  As you lay your head on your pillow, have sweet dreams, knowing that your Beloved is faithful to His word and He will see you through, through today, tomorrow and forever. 

That is My plan for you, dear one.  That is why I gave you My word.  Hold fast to it.  It is a lifesaver, beloved, a lifesaver provided by the One Who is Life and delights in saving whomsoever will come to Him!!!

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