Frank R Molver (5 May 2012)
"Robert re rapture in May video, revolving around Chicago meeting."
The above is an excellent video about the things happening the end of May

As everyone may already know, there are many pointers to a May 2012 rapture.

1) Unusual location for a NATO summit in a 666 zip code during this month.
2) Russia/USA joint military exercises. CRAZY!
3) Possible evacuation of Chicago.
4) Mayan’s expect their flying serpent GOD on May 20, 2012 according to 2 crop circles from 2007, which will coincide with the Annular eclipse and the planetary alignment of the sun, moon, earth and the Pleiades.
5) Jack Van Impe calculates a “generation” to be right around 52 years, which calculates so close to Nisan 1 2019 if you start from when the Jews got control of the temple mount on June 7, 1967 and use Enoch’s 364 day calender. Enoch 7th from Adam talked about a 364 day year. So you take 364 and divide by 7 generations and you get 52, or basically confirm what Jack Van Impe implies. Nisan 1 in the year 2019 and subtract 2520 days results in May 2012. More specifically close to the 2nd month on the 17th day or also known as the day of the flood, which is this MAY 2012.
6) And for the kicker….Tom Horn and Chris Putnuam’s new book “PETRUS ROMANUS” on page 65 talks about the calculations Thibaut made. Check this out, “Thibaut wanted to know if the prophecy verified his 440 years from May 1572 to May 2012 in an explicit manner.”
7) Israel is about to go to war with the activation of many battalions via emergency orders

Finally you all need to watch this video which also confirms a possible May 2012 RAPTURE.

I bet on next week for a possible Rapture, but I will not be dogmatic about it, because I believe we will be outta here a couple days before the Antichrist becomes known and the serpent messiah will be unveiled according to occult sources (crop circles and star alignments) on May 2012, or the 20th of May 2012. Watch the video.