Elliot Hong (31 May 2012)

Dear Navi and Doves:
It's a very interesting and encouraging letter.
I agree with you that if Passover happens to be the Sabbath, then Firstfruits should
be the day after the next Sabbath.
According to Zola Levitte's teaching about "Feasts and Human Gestation," Passover
represents Releasing an egg(ovum), and Unleavened Bread represents Fertilisation.
Then a fertilized egg moves to the uterus(womb) to be implanted which takes about
1-7 days, and Firstfruits represents Implantation.
Passover(April 6) was Friday, the beginning of the Sabbath, and the next day(April 7/8)
was Unleavened Bread, so it's impossible the implantation is made on the same day of
fertilisation, which means Firstfruits was not April 8.
Therefore, you're correct that a real Shavout is June 3rd!
BTW, did you read my letter "A Case of Mary & Martha"?
Still there is a possiblity that the Lord might delay four more days from Shavout, and it
perfectly matches with the timing of the transit of Venus.
See you soon,