Bruce Baber (7 May 2012)
"Two reasons May 17th might be important.  Is the 230 year gap important?"


May 17th is Ascension Day and that may be important.  There is also something in America's history which also makes May 17th important.


I wrote about this earlier.  Jonathan Cahn's book the Harbinger, explains the prophetic importance of the sycamore tree in Israel and how God's pattern is also playing out in America.  (The author stresses in interviews that this is not replacement theology, but that God establishes patterns that still hold true).


In America, there is another name for the sycamore.  It is called the buttonwood tree.  Research the Buttonwood Agreement and you'll see that it is the document that was signed under a buttonwood tree that established the New York Stock Exchange on May 17th, 1782. 


In the same pattern that God used the sycamore as a sign of judgement on ancient Israel, Cahn showed how it was playing out with America.


I know I'm not explaining this very well and it will only make sense if you are familiar with Jonathan Cahn and the Harbinger, but please bear with me.  When I first wrote about the Buttonwood Agreement on this website and noted the date of the signing, I didn't consciously know the date of Ascension Day.  I guess I may have read it, but I didn't connect the dots.  Presently, I can't see the significance of the 230 year gap between the signing of the document and May 17th, 2012.  Maybe it's there, but maybe someone else will see if that is important.


It may be that May 17th will be the date that the dots are actually all connected... that there might be a collapse of the dollar, but far more importantly it might be the date of our ascension! 


I write this and ask that you pray about these things.  Please don't live in fear.  Just pray and earnestly seek guidance and confirmation.  I don't know if there is anything to this, but I feel we should be careful in watching this approaching date.


We all watch for significant dates and try to see connections.  Sometimes we make mistakes.  We all know that someday soon Jesus will invite us to go home.  Maybe it will be this spring.  Maybe May 17th.



Bruce Baber