Armando (10 May 2012)
"Ascencion Day correction!"

Dear Doves:

A current seach for Ascencion Day 2012 shows this day to be the 17th of May.
If my memory serves me right, Jesus was on earth 40 days after the ressurection and then he ascended to heaven. Since Passover to Pentecost is a period of 50 days, some assume that the ascencion took place and then 10 days later the day of Pentecost.
I believe this to be incorrect.  
Jesus ressurected 3 days after Passover and was with His followers for 40 days.  This leaves 7 days until Pentecost.
This means Jesus ressurected on the 43rd day after Passover.
When we translate this information to May of this year, the ascencion takes place on May 20th and not the 17th.  This means that the Ascencion takes place 7 days before Pentecost (7 day warning).  It also is the same day of an unnusual annular eclipse.  This might be a coincidence but,  I think not.
This information might be important in light of the possible Rapture on the day of Pentecost, 7 days later.
Noah received a 7 day warning.  Could we?
Let me know what you all think.  Please review Ron's later article.

Armando Pardillo