Will Schumacher (31 May 2011)
"re gerry almond 120 year warning"

I noticed your posting of the 120 prophetic  years from 8-29-1897 to 12-7-2015

Non inclusive is actually to 12-9-2015 and inclusive is to 12-8-2015.(no leap in 1900)

Although it is off 1 day inclusive I do still feel it is significant since the 1335 from 4-11-12 takes you to 12-7-2015 and it is 70 days from tishri 15 when the 70 bulls (if I recall correctly) are sacrificed over the 7 days for the symbolic 70 nations.

It is 1000 prophetic years from 9-28-2015 (tishri 15) to the day before true Pentecost (always Sunday) year 3001ad (or inclusive dead on)

I believe the millennial reign on earth will start 9-28-2015

Also another 120 prophetic year timeline

Theodore Herzl started Die Welt in June 1897.  Pentecost was night of June 5 to June 6 1897

June 5, 1897 + 120 proph years =sept  15, 1897-2nd day feast of trumpets or inclusive day count to dead on to sept 14, 2015 feast of trumpets 1st day.

From Yom kippur war to 9-14-2015=23x666 days  I believe Jesus returns 9-14-15 to remnant in Petra that day and the 10 days of awe are the battle that Jesus wages form 9-14 to 9-23-15.


Then if you read Jubilles or Jasher (I forget) it says that God told Noah to build the ark 5 years before the flood so 115 years from beginning of 120 year warning

1897 + 115=2012 pentecost

Everything I have ever studied points to Pentecost 2012-that is the 1st 1335 day count I believe.  There may be a 2nd one beginning on 1-27-12 and beginning 4-11-12 may be the 3rd.

We’ll see.

But it was cool to see someone else recognizing the beginning of the Zionist movement in 1897 as the 120 year prophetic warning

Will schumacher