Will Schumacher (2 May 2011)
"operation Noah's Ark, Grapes of Wrath"

I have posted before Israels “operation Grapes of Wrath”

Was April 11, 1996

Was 16 day war

16 years later is 4-11-12=Satan cast down most likely

8x888 days to 9-23-15 when winepress of God’s wrath complete


I was looking at the Flotilla raid by the special forces of Israel on May 31, 2010 because it was 726 days before 5-26-12 pentecost


There seems to be something about that incident of the special forces descending out of the sky


But I noticed that they had a code name “Noah’s Ark” operation

So I looked at it to see if it numerically related to 5-26-12


January 3, 2002

10 years before 2012

Noah was the 10th generation

3796 days to 5-26-12


73x37=gem gen1:1


5x73=365 age enoch raptured

Enoch born in this bracket   65-162-65=292=4x73

Will Schumacher