Will Schumacher (2 May 2011)
"228-2xs, 65, and additional 3-11 info"

Paul calls the bride of Christ the First fruits

Pentecost is called many things including the Feast of First fruits.  At Pentecost the first fruits of the land can begin to be brought into the temple.  The temple in the old testament is a type of Christ.

God has presented us with this-

Feast of trumpets 2008, sept 29, 2008 Dow drops 777 points (to get our attention)

+1335 days of Daniel 12:12 “Blessed is he who attaineth to”=May 26, 2012 pentecost

Then the 1290 days + 1260 days takes you to sept 23, 2015-Day of atonement, 49 “prophetic”  years form 6-7-67-Jerusalem taken over

First fruits are called Bikkuwr with OT gem of 228

1st 228

God gave us this string of events in 2010 46 days apart each

Haiti earthquake + 46 days=Chile earthquake+ 46 days=China earthquake

Feb 27, Chile earthquake + 228 days was Oct 13, Chilean Miners rescue

Miners rescue using 2041(157x13) ft tube was clear type of rapture

2-27-10 earthquake was 819 days to 5-26-12 pentecost      819= 3 x 273 (273=church, # levites needed to be redeemed, gen 24:63 gem=2730)

10-13-10 miners rescue was  591 days to 5-26-12     591=gematria of trumpet-the trumpet call we are waiting for

2nd 228

June 1, 2009 Air France 447 crashed killing 228 on board

6-1-09 to 5-26-12= 1090 days  (read Clay Cantrell’s post about 109)

5-1-11 box was found for flight 447

5-1-11 to 5-26-12=391 days

391=gematria for Joshua(Hebrew form of Jesus) or salvation

9-11-01 to 5-26-12 is 3910 days to 5-26-12

911=157th prime (2041 tube from 1st 228 section =13 x 157)


Flight 447=3x149

149 days from 10-13-10 miners rescue to 3-11 japan earthquake

I won’t rehash all the 3-11 numbers but will add a few that I have never posted

311=65th prime

Enoch born 622 years form mortality  622=311x2

Enoch born in this bracket 65-162-65

Isaac –the 2nd Genesis type of rapture received his bride 65 years after his father Abraham was called by God, and became Abraham-the father of many nations

God is clearly showing 65 is associated with the rapture

So God has also shown us this about 9-23-15

70 “prophetic “ years before 9-23-15 was 9-25-46

9-25-46 was the feast of trumpets at 6pm.  Notice how everything lands on God’s feast days!

430 days after 9-25-46 was 11-29-47=the UN decree for Israel to become a nation

Similar to 430 years form Israel’s sojourning in Egypt to the Exodus


Back to 3-11 earthquake

9-25-46 (beg of last 70 proph years) inclusive to 3-11-11=216 x 109 days

6-7-67 (Israel takes over Jerusalem) inclusive to 3-11-11=111 x 144 days

10-6-73 (Yom Kippur War) inclusive to 3-11-11=147 x 90 days  (5-26-12 is 147th day of year,  Jacob died at 147, Moses ascended with 2 tablets jewish day 147)

6-7-67 and 10-6-73 seem to be God’s 2 biggest time markers.

And as posted before

1570 days inclusive from pol 210 event

1570 dec=622 hxd

888 dec=1570 octal

And 33 x 726 days from Hiroshima-1st nuclear-August 6, 1945

It is 442 days from 3-11-11 to 5-26-12

G3346= translated=gem 442


Heb 11:5 By faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death; and was not found, because God had translated him: for before his translation he had this testimony, that he pleased God

65 Again

As I said above God has clearly associated the number 65 with the rapture

Sivan 6-Pentecost is the 65th jewish day of the year

9-25-46 feast of trumpets, the beginning of the last 70 prophetic years is the beginning of jewish year 1947

1947 + 65=2012

IF God is consistent with His numbers there will be no rapture until 2012.

Will Schumacher