Wade Balzer (5 May 2011)
"[Revelation2217] World's Greatest Transfer of Wealth is Hear Now!!!"


Today, I went to a Full Gospel Business Men luncheon that is held weekly here in Tulsa.   Because I got there near the end, I was able to hear a testimony that someone heard on the radio from Dr. Gary Wood who spent time in Heaven talking with Jesus.


I personally have not heard the testimony, but I thought I would collaborate his testimony with what I have personally experienced.


Sometimes, God will say something that has a depth beyond our comprehension, so it is important to listen carefully when He speaks.  The articulation from His mouth is a finely sharpened two-edge sword beyond human precision.


I will summarize the story in as much vagueness as possible so hopefully I won’t be misquoting his testimony.  Basically, Jesus told him that the GREATEST transfer of WEALTH is COMING to the Church.   Beyond that, I don’t know what was actually said.  I have also heard the same, BUT… hold on!!! I need to describe the picture I have seen.


Let me ask you a few questions so that we have the SAME picture in our heads.


What is WEALTH?


It depends on your definition.   If your definition of wealth is the size of your bank account, your home, the value of the cars you drive, the cash value of all your investments, and the ability to buy whatever you want, when you want it, then your definition would match those who place a value in this world’s economy and sustenance.


What is WEALTH by God’s definition?


Rev 3:17

BecauseG3754 thou sayest,G3004 I amG1510 G3754rich,G4145 andG2532 increased with goods,G4147 andG2532 haveG2192 needG5532 of nothing;G3762 andG2532 knowestG1492 notG3756 thatG3754 thouG4771 artG1488 wretched,G5005 andG2532 miserable,G1652 andG2532 poor,G4434 andG2532 blind,G5185 andG2532 naked:G1131


Rev 3:18

I counselG4823 theeG4671 to buyG59 ofG3844 meG1700 goldG5553 triedG4448 inG1537 the fire,G4442 thatG2443 thou mayest be rich;G4147 andG2532 whiteG3022 raiment,G2440 thatG2443 thou mayest be clothed,G4016 andG2532 [that] the shameG152 ofG1132 thyG4675 nakednessG1132 do notG3361 appear;G5319 andG2532 anointG1472 thineG4675 eyesG3788 with eyesalve,G2854 thatG2443 thou mayest see.G991


Your WEALTH in God’s eyes has absolutely nothing to do with your bank account.


Rev 3:20

Behold,G2400 I standG2476 atG1909 the door,G2374 andG2532 knock:G2925 ifG1437 any manG5100 hearG191 myG3450 voice,G5456 andG2532 openG455 the door,G2374 I will come inG1525 toG4314 him,G846 andG2532 will supG1172 withG3326 him,G846 andG2532 heG846 withG3326 me.G1700


Your TRUE WEALTH is how much you VALUE the VOICE of GOD.  A lot of us have empty bank accounts in regards to the Voice of God being deposited into our lives.


You NEED to see this…


Deut 28:1

And it shall come to pass, if thou shalt hearkenH8085 diligentlyH8085 unto the voiceH6963 of the LORDH3068 thy God,H430 to observeH8104 [and] to doH6213 all his commandmentsH4687 which I commandH6680 thee this day,H3117 that the LORDH3068 thy GodH430 will setH5414 thee on highH5945 above all nationsH1471 of the earth:H776

Deut 28:2

And all these blessingsH1293 shall comeH935 on thee, and overtakeH5381 thee, if thou shalt hearkenH8085 unto the voiceH6963 of the LORDH3068 thy God.H430


The WEALTH is the VOICE of GOD.


Ps 119:71

[It is] goodH2896 for me that I have been afflicted;H6031 that I might learnH3925 thy statutes.H2706

Ps 119:72

The lawH8451 of thy mouthH6310 [is] betterH2896 unto me than thousandsH505 of goldH2091 and silver.H3701



Prov 8:10

ReceiveH3947 my instruction,H4148 and not silver;H3701 and knowledgeH1847 rather than choiceH977 gold.H2742


Prov 16:16

How much betterH2896 [is it] to getH7069 wisdomH2451 than gold!H2742 and to getH7069 understandingH998 rather to be chosenH977 than silver!H3701




Hebrew Strong’s # 2091 = Gold


BCV (Book Chapter Verse) # 2091

Prov 9:1

WisdomH2454 hath buildedH1129 her house,H1004 she hath hewn outH2672 her sevenH7651 pillars:H5982



Check this out…


You want to have a CHAT with Jesus?...


Phone # 2428 = CHAT


Hebrew Strong’s # 2428 = Wealth


God will use whatever means necessary to bring you to the ONE PLACE you NEED TO BE.   When you SEE His Face, you will no longer need to ask WHY.    If you had something ever happen to you that you question God, and you approach His Throne because you want to know WHY, He will not have to say a word, but you will see the He was the ANSWER.


What is also interesting to me is that:


Hebrew Strong’s # 2427 = Sorrow


I have no other way to explain it, but that value is understood with sorrow.


If I reverse the Strong’s # 2428 for wealth, you will see 8242


Hebrew Strong’s # 8242 = Sackcloth


8242 Verses from the End

Hag 2:4

Yet now be strong,H2388 O Zerubbabel,H2216 saithH5002 the LORD;H3068 and be strong,H2388 O Joshua,H3091 sonH1121 of Josedech,H3087 the highH1419 priest;H3548 and be strong,H2388 all ye peopleH5971 of the land,H776 saithH5002 the LORD,H3068 and workH6213: for I [am] with you, saithH5002 the LORDH3068 of hosts:H6635


Notice that the connection to this verse…


Hebrew Strong’s # 8242 = Sackcloth

Hebrew Strong’s # 8241 = Little



Isa 54:8

In a littleH8241 wrathH7110 I hidH5641 my faceH6440 from thee for a moment;H7281 but with everlastingH5769 kindnessH2617 will I have mercyH7355 on thee, saithH559 the LORDH3068 thy Redeemer.H1350


If I turn around 8241 and look at 1428, I will see the value…


Hebrew Strong’s # 1428 = Bank


There is a bank on either side of a river that comes from the Throne of God.  Personally, I think it is a very good BANK to invest in.


Greek Strong’s # 5132 = Bank, Table


Luke 19:23

WhereforeG1223 thenG2532 gavestG1325 G5101notG3756 thouG1325 myG3450 moneyG694 intoG1909 the bank,G5132 that atG2532 myG1473 comingG2064 G302I might have requiredG4238 mine ownG846 withG4862 usury?G5110


The last mention of Greek Strong’s # 5132 = Bank, Table is:


NT Verse # 6963

Heb 9:2

ForG1063 there wasG2680 a tabernacleG4633 made;G2680 the first,G4413 whereG3739inG1722 [was] G5037the candlestick,G3087 andG2532 the table,G5132 andG2532 the shewbread;G4286 G3588 G740whichG3748 is calledG3004 the sanctuary.G39


Look at that verse number and follow it to the Strong’s…


Hebrew Strong’s # 6963 = VOICE


Gen 3:8

And they heardH8085 the voiceH6963 of the LORDH3068 GodH430 walkingH1980 in the gardenH1588 in the coolH7307 of the day:H3117 and AdamH120 and his wifeH802 hid themselvesH2244 from the presenceH6440 of the LORDH3068 GodH430 amongstH8432 the treesH6086 of the garden.H1588


What is WEALTH?   If you answer correctly, you can begin drawing from that BANK immediately…. HERE… NOW… or perhaps I should say…




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Wade Balzer