Wade Balzer (4 May 2011)
"[Revelation2217] Marriage Supper..."

Yesterday, I had invited everyone I could to come to the marriage supper of the Lamb.   I didn’t call it the “marriage supper” because I wanted to see who was hungry enough to show up.  

Secondly, we have this mental picture in our heads of a lavish banquet filled with the finest food from Heaven with the long tables each perfectly set with the most expensive silver and gold platters with matching dishware.   I was a little bit concerned that if people thought they were coming to the “marriage supper” and they walked into the home hosting the “banquet” and see the 2 liter bottles of pop with the red plastic cups…  it would not be very convincing.


So what I did was invite everyone I could to come and “hear God speak”.  Since we as Christians seem to only hear God speak to our heart when we are desperate, it seemed like a great platform to lead people to hear God’s Voice every day of our lives.   Who wouldn’t want to have a valuable friend that actually carries on a conversation with you all the time?   And this personal “friend” KNOWS EVERYTHING and is the Greatest Person in the Universe?   Kings and presidents would envy the person who is personal friends with Him.  His Words are GOLD.  You can take them to the BANK.  Everything He touches becomes valuable beyond imagination.


He personally furnished everything with the best that He had to offer.  The Bridegroom was ready.


No one showed up.