Wade Balzer (28 May 2011)
"[Revelation2217] Noah's ARK Found..."


The other day, I was reflecting on Noah’s ARK, and the thought occurred that we never consider the lesser known Noah who also built an ARK.   Actually, he isn’t lesser known necessarily, but even though more people believed his work, he was also greatly criticized by those who opposed him.


This lesser known Noah was born in October 16, 1758 and died May 28, 1843.  He was the founder of New York’s first daily newspaper.   Those who opposed him called him, “a pusillanimous, half-begotten, self-dubbed patriot,” “an incurable lunatic,” “a deceitful newsmonger ... Pedagogue and Quack.”,   “a traitor to the cause of Federalism”, calling him “a toad in the service of sans-cullottism,” “a prostitute wretch,” “a great fool, and a barefaced liar,” “a spiteful viper,” and “a maniacal pedant.”


Noah was greatly distressed being a consummate master of words.  Even the use of words like “the people,” “democracy,” and “equality” in public debate bothered him, for such words were “metaphysical abstractions that either have no meaning, or at least none that mere mortals can comprehend.”


He was responsible for Americanizing the English language attempting to break free from the British language.   One of the primary works was a Speller.  Slowly, edition by edition, Noah changed the spelling of words, making them “Americanized.” He chose s over c in words like defense, he changed the re to er in words like center, and he dropped one of the Ls in traveler. At first he kept the u in words like colour or favour but dropped it in later editions. He also changed "tongue" to "tung"—an innovation that never caught on.


We know Noah by the name of Webster.   Noah Webster.


When I looked up the word, “ARK”, I found something unique.


Webster’s Word # 3526 = ARK


Acts 13:1

NowG1161 there wereG2258 inG2596 the churchG1577 that wasG5607 atG1722 AntiochG490 certainG5100 prophetsG4396 andG2532 teachers;G1320 asG5037 Barnabas,G921 andG2532 SimeonG4826 that was calledG2564 Niger,G3526 andG2532 LuciusG3066 of Cyrene,G2956 andG5037 Manaen,G3127 which had been brought up withG4939 HerodG2264 the tetrarch,G5076 andG2532 Saul.G4569


Do you see the word, “Lucius”?    The Strong’s number in Hebrew points to:


Hebrew Strong’s # 3066 = Language (Jewish)


If you understand the life of Noah Webster, his life reflects a love of the English Language.


The other thing I found unique, is that:


NT Verse # 3526

John 14:2

InG1722 myG3450 Father'sG3962 houseG3614 areG1526 manyG4183 mansions:G3438 ifG1487 [it were] G1161notG3361 [so], I would have toldG2036 G302you.G5213 I goG4198 to prepareG2090 a placeG5117 for you.G5213


Now… read that verse, but “think” ARK, and now read the following…


Matt 24:37

ButG1161 asG5618 the daysG2250 of NoeG3575 [were], soG3779 shallG2071 alsoG2532 the comingG3952 of the SonG3588 G5207 of manG3588 G444 be.G2071

Matt 24:38

ForG1063 asG5618 inG1722 the daysG2250 thatG3588 wereG2258 beforeG4253 the floodG2627 they were eatingG5176 andG2532 drinking,G4095 marryingG1060 andG2532 giving in marriage,G1547 untilG891 G3739the dayG2250 thatG1525 NoeG3575 enteredG1525 intoG1519 the ark,G2787

Matt 24:39

AndG2532 knewG1097 notG3756 untilG2193 the floodG2627 came,G2064 andG2532 tookG142 them allG537 away;G142 soG3779 shallG2071 alsoG2532 the comingG3952 of the SonG3588 G5207 of manG3588 G444 be.G2071


The life of Noah Webster is as follows:

From and including: Monday, October 16, 1758
To, but not including : Sunday, May 28, 1843

It is 30,904 days from the start date to the end date, but not including the end date

Or 84 years, 7 months, 12 days excluding the end date

Verse # 30904

Rev 12:12

ThereforeG1223 G5124rejoice,G2165 [ye] heavens,G3772 andG2532 yeG3588 that dwellG4637 inG1722 them.G846 WoeG3759 to the inhabitersG2730 of the earthG3588 G1093 andG2532 of the sea!G3588 G2281 forG3754 the devilG1228 is come downG2597 untoG4314 you,G5209 havingG2192 greatG3173 wrath,G2372 becauseG3754 he knoweth thatG1492 he hathG2192 but a shortG3641 time.G2540


Next you see…


Rev 12:15

AndG2532 the serpentG3789 cast outG906 ofG1537 hisG846 mouthG4750 waterG5204 asG5613 a floodG4215 afterG3694 the woman,G1135 thatG2443 he might causeG4160 herG3778 to be carried away of the flood.G4216


When you read the numbers of Noah’s Life from Right to Left, it points to this word.


Webster’s Word # 40903  (Vol 2 Word # 8132) = PRAISE


As a Strong’s number…8132 points to:


2Kgs 25:29

And changedH8132 his prisonH3608 garments:H899 and he did eatH398 breadH3899 continuallyH8548 beforeH6440 him all the daysH3117 of his life.H2416


Notice the verse reference 2529 points to:


Greek Strong’s # 2529 = clearly seen


NT Verse # 2529

Luke 17:22

AndG1161 he saidG2036 untoG4314 the disciples,G3101 The daysG2250 will come,G2064 whenG3753 ye shall desireG1937 to seeG1492 oneG1520 of the daysG3588 G2250 of the SonG3588 G5207 of man,G3588 G444 andG2532 ye shallG3700 notG3756 seeG3700 [it].


It seems “contradictory” that “clearly seen” is encoded in the distance of a verse that says, “ye shall not see it”.  The points is, no one has “seen” it, unless you explore the distances and weights of the Word.


I also found something unique in the same verse that Noah’s Webster’s ARK is found:


Verse # 26671

John 14:2

InG1722 myG3450 Father'sG3962 houseG3614 areG1526 manyG4183 mansions:G3438 ifG1487 [it were] G1161notG3361 [so], I would have toldG2036 G302you.G5213 I goG4198 to prepareG2090 a placeG5117 for you.G5213


Webster’s Vol 2 Word # 26671 = WADE


Notice the word…


Greek Strong’s # 3438 = Mansions


3438 Verses from Malachi 4:6

Jer 31:15

Thus saithH559 the LORD;H3068 A voiceH6963 was heardH8085 in Ramah,H7414 lamentation,H5092 [and] bitterH8563 weeping;H1065 RahelH7354 weepingH1058 for her childrenH1121 refusedH3985 to be comfortedH5162 for her childrenH1121, because they [were] not.


This next verse has a weight = 3438.

Ps 45:16

Instead of thy fathersH1 shall be thy children,H1121 whom thou mayest makeH7896 princesH8269 in all the earth.H776


Here we see, the loss of children, and the gaining of children.   Consider the implications.  The children of the forefathers becoming your children?   That would mean it came by inheritance.   Psalms 45 is about the “King’s Daughter”.   Who is the King’s Daughter?  She is the one mentioned in Isa 54, Jer 31:22, and Rev 12.


3438 Verses from the End

Acts 20:37

AndG1161 theyG2425 allG3956 weptG1096 sore,G2805 andG2532 fellG1968 onG1909 Paul'sG3972 neck,G5137 and kissedG2705 him,G846


Notice the theme is “weeping”, which is exactly way of coming to the Lord.


6969 Verses from Esther 2:7 = (3444 Verses from Malachi 4:6)

Jer 31:9

They shall comeH935 with weeping,H1065 and with supplicationsH8469 will I leadH2986 them: I will cause them to walkH3212 by the riversH5158 of watersH4325 in a straightH3477 way,H1870 wherein they shall not stumble:H3782 for I am a fatherH1 to Israel,H3478 and EphraimH669 [is] my firstborn.H1060


Hebrew Strong’s # 6969 = Lamentations

Hebrew Strong’s # 3444 = Salvation


3437 Verses from Malachi 4:6

Jer 31:16

Thus saithH559 the LORD;H3068 RefrainH4513 thy voiceH6963 from weeping,H1065 and thine eyesH5869 from tears:H1832 for thy workH6468 shall beH3426 rewarded,H7939 saithH5002 the LORD;H3068 and they shall come againH7725 from the landH776 of the enemy.H341


If you will notice, the prophetic words of this verse overshadow the weeping in Bethlehem.   But remember that Bethlehem was not first called Bethlehem, but Ephrath, meaning the Ash-Heap.   It was the place of Jacob’s tears.  It was the ashes of his life.


Ps 102:9

For I have eatenH398 ashesH665 like bread,H3899 and mingledH4537 my drinkH8249 with weeping,H1065


Now picture what God is doing when He sees us weeping?


Verse # 3437

Lev 23:34

SpeakH1696 unto the childrenH1121 of Israel,H3478 saying,H559 The fifteenthH6240 H2568 dayH3117 of this seventhH7637 monthH2320 [shall be] the feastH2282 of tabernaclesH5521 [for] sevenH7651 daysH3117 unto the LORD.H3068


I see God having compassion and comes to dwell in our tabernacle to comfort us.   There is something peculiar about the righteous weeping that I fail to comprehend.  It causes the Heaven’s to bend.  Sometimes, in this despair, when we find God’s silence nearly too hard to handle, and it seems He has “Hidden His Face”.  It becomes the way of the thorns, and a path of affliction.  We forget that those where the words that Jesus used when He described a “Narrow Way” that leads to life.


It is in this place that God’s Voice is heard in silence.   The truth speaks without words.  The sound of the Voice of God is heard only in the embrace, and the dance begins.  God’s Voice is declared in the beat of your steps as He orchestrates the grand chorus of your life.


3437 Verses from the End  (Verse # 27665)

Acts 20:38

SorrowingG3600 most of allG3122 forG1909 the wordsG3056 whichG3739 he spake,G2046 thatG3754 they shouldG3195 seeG2334 hisG846 faceG4383 no more.G3765 AndG1161 they accompaniedG4311 himG846 untoG1519 the ship.G4143


Hebrew Strong’s # 6440 = FACE

Webster’s Word # 6441 = BOAT


Sometimes you need to see the FACE of GOD, and His FACE is not seen except by a similitude of His Voice.   Esther is called the book of the “Hidden Face of God” by the Jews, and that is why I measure distances from Esther 2:7.


Should I also point out that:


Phone # 27665 = Brook


…also points to Verse # 27665  Acts 20:38?


Looking at the verse reference of Acts 20:38, I can look at…


Verse # 2038

Exod 19:11

And be readyH3559 against the thirdH7992 day:H3117 for the thirdH7992 dayH3117 the LORDH3068 will come downH3381 in the sightH5869 of all the peopleH5971 upon mountH2022 Sinai.H5514


Look at the Phone spelling of BROOK and read it from Right to Left.


Webster’s Word # 56672 = Unfold


Hebrew Strong’s # 6672 = Window


Gen 6:16

A windowH6672 shalt thou makeH6213 to the ark,H8392 and in a cubitH520 shalt thou finishH3615 it above;H4605 and the doorH6607 of the arkH8392 shalt thou setH7760 in the side thereof;H6654 [with] lower,H8482 second,H8145 and thirdH7992 [stories] shalt thou makeH6213 it.


Notice the door to the ark is above the third story?


It is interesting the reflection of 56672 is next to 26671.


5 x 6672 = 33360

2 x 6671 = 13342


Webster’s Word # 33360 = MARRIAGE

Hebrew Strong’s # 3342 = Winepress


Notice the difference…


33360 13342 = 20018


If you begin counting from 1 Kings 17:1 and count 20018 verses you will land here:


Elijah Verse # 1

1Kgs 17:1

And ElijahH452 the Tishbite,H8664 [who was] of the inhabitantsH8453 of Gilead,H1568 saidH559 unto Ahab,H256 [As] the LORDH3068 GodH430 of IsraelH3478 liveth,H2416 beforeH6440 whom I stand,H5975 there shall not be dewH2919 nor rainH4306 these years,H8141 but accordingH6310 to my word.H1697


Elijah Verse # 20018

Eph 5:31

ForG473 this causeG5127 shallG2641 a manG444 leaveG2641 hisG846 fatherG3962 andG2532 mother,G3384 andG2532 shall be joinedG4347 untoG4314 hisG846 wife,G1135 andG2532 theyG2071 twoG1417 shall beG2071 oneG1520 G1519flesh.G4561


God sits upon the throne of His own Word.   If you could see what I see, right now, the son of the dawn would steal away the integrity of the scriptures and invalidate God’s Throne.  That day is rapidly approaching.


Hebrew Strong’s # 4430 = King


4430 Verses from the End.

John 14:3

AndG2532 ifG1437 I goG4198 andG2532 prepareG2090 a placeG5117 for you,G5213 I will comeG2064 again,G3825 andG2532 receiveG3880 youG5209 untoG4314 myself;G1683 thatG2443 whereG3699 IG1473 am,G1510 [there] yeG5210 may beG5600 also.G2532


Where is the KING?   He sits upon the Throne of His Word.


4430 Verses from Malachi 4:6

Isa 53:3

He is despisedH959 and rejectedH2310 of men;H376 a manH376 of sorrows,H4341 and acquaintedH3045 with grief:H2483 and we hid as it wereH4564 [our] facesH6440 from him; he was despised,H959 and we esteemedH2803 him not.


Can you SEE your KING?   Even if though you can’t see Him, can you SEE HIM sitting on the Throne of His Word?  


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Wade Balzer