Wade Balzer (21 May 2011)
"[Revelation2217] Judgment Day 5/21/2011 - Real"


For those of you who have heard about Judgment Day on 5/21/2011, let me give you some thoughts since I wasn’t convinced of Harold Camping’s math.


This is my age on that day…

From and including: Friday, August 22, 1969
To, but not including : Saturday, May 21, 2011

It is 15,247 days from the start date to the end date, but not including the end date

Or 41 years, 8 months, 29 days excluding the end date


15247 Verses from Esther 2:7

Rom 2:16

InG1722 the dayG2250 whenG3753 G2919GodG2316 shall judgeG2919 the secretsG2927 of menG444 byG1223 JesusG2424 ChristG5547 according toG2596 myG3450 gospel.G2098



There is only ONE Verse in the Bible that has a gematria = 15247.


Matt 21:9

AndG1161 the multitudesG3793 that went before,G4254 andG2532 that followed,G190 cried,G2896 saying,G3004 HosannaG5614 to the SonG3588 G5207 of David:G1138 BlessedG2127 [is] he that comethG2064 inG1722 the nameG3686 of the Lord;G2962 HosannaG5614 inG1722 the highest.G5310


Last night, I was pondering this verse:


Matt 24:44

ThereforeG1223 beG1096 yeG5210 G5124alsoG2532 ready:G2092 forG3754 G3739inG5610 suchG1380 an hourG5610 as ye thinkG1380 notG3756 the SonG5207 of manG444 cometh.G2064


So I  asked myself, “What does it mean to THINK NOT”?   I thought… hmmm…  a THEIST is one who believes in God.  An ATHEIST is one who doesn’t because the Greek letter A negates the meaning.   MUSE means to THINK.  AMUSE means… NOT THINK…  hmmm…  we have parks made just for that very thing.


So today, I am looking at this verse here…


Rom 2:16

InG1722 the dayG2250 whenG3753 G2919GodG2316 shall judgeG2919 the secretsG2927 of menG444 byG1223 JesusG2424 ChristG5547 according toG2596 myG3450 gospel.G2098


I am drawn to this word…


Greek Strong’s # 2250 = DAY


I notice the relationship to the word…


Greek Strong’s # 225 = TRUTH




Webster’s Vol 1 Word # 2250 = AMU'SER, n. s as z. One who amuses, or affords an agreeable entertainment to the mind.

Webster’s Vol 2 Word # 2250 = MOON'LING, n. A simpleton.


Webster’s Vol 1 Word # 2247 = AMUSE


I looked at the Strong’s…


Hebrew Strong’s # 2247 = Hide


When you read this next verse… think.. “Hidden”


2247 Verses from the End

2Cor 3:13

AndG2532 notG3756 asG2509 Moses,G3475 [which] putG5087 a vailG2571 overG1909 hisG1438 face,G4383 thatG4314 the childrenG5207 of IsraelG2474 couldG816 notG3361 stedfastly lookG816 toG1519 the endG5056 of that whichG3588 is abolished:G2673


Moses was “Acting out” the “Hidden FACE of GOD”.   No words… just pictures.


Hebrew Strong’s # 2247 = Hidden

Greek Strong’s # 2246 = Sun


2246 Verses from the End

2Cor 3:14

ButG235 theirG846 mindsG3540 were blinded:G4456 forG1063 untilG891 this dayG4594 remainethG3306 the sameG846 vailG2571 G3361untaken awayG343 inG1909 the readingG320 of the oldG3820 testament;G1242 whichG3739 [vail] is done awayG2673 G5100inG1722 Christ.G5547



Notice that the SEEING does not always mean with your EYES.   If I am going to SEE God, then I may not necessarily be SEEING Him with my natural eyes, but with a CLEAR picture of Him in my heart.   Notice that is what this next verse says.


NT Verse # 2246

Luke 10:27

AndG1161 heG2036 answeringG611 said,G2036 Thou shalt loveG25 the LordG2962 thyG4675 GodG2316 withG1537 allG3650 thyG4675 heart,G2588 andG2532 withG1537 allG3650 thyG4675 soul,G5590 andG2532 withG1537 allG3650 thyG4675 strength,G2479 andG2532 withG1537 allG3650 thyG4675 mind;G1271 andG2532 thyG4675 neighbourG4139 asG5613 thyself.G4572


Look at the reference… Luke 10:27…. and follow it to the Verse #...


Verse # 1027

Gen 35:15

And JacobH3290 calledH7121 the nameH8034 of the placeH4725 where GodH430 spakeH1696 with him, Beth–el.H1008


Greek Strong’s # 1027 = Thunder


John 12:29

The peopleG3767 therefore,G3793 that stood by,G2476 andG2532 heardG191 [it], said thatG3004 itG1096 thundered:G1027 othersG243 said,G3004 An angelG32 spakeG2980 to him.G846


Look….  This is the SECRET PLACE OF THUNDER…  It is the place where God SPEAKS.


Ps 81:7

Thou calledstH7121 in trouble,H6869 and I deliveredH2502 thee; I answeredH6030 thee in the secret placeH5643 of thunder:H7482 I provedH974 thee at the watersH4325 of Meribah.H4809 Selah.H5542


If you are there at the secret place of thunder, then you have found the Voice of God.


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Wade Balzer