Wade Balzer (14 May 2011)
"[Revelation2217] Behold your KING... part 2."


As there is no end to the Reign of the King, I will continue to show you the majesty of the King.


NT Verse # 1700

Mark 15:18

AndG2532 beganG756 to saluteG782 him,G846 Hail,G5463 KingG935 of the Jews!G2453


Greek Strong’s # 935 = King

Greek Strong’s # 936 = Reign


Phone Spelling # 5464 = KING

Hebrew Strong’s # 5464 = very rainy


Greek Strong’s # 5464 = Hail


Rev 11:19

AndG2532 the templeG3485 of GodG2316 was openedG455 inG1722 heaven,G3772 andG2532 there was seenG3700 inG1722 hisG846 templeG3485 the arkG2787 of hisG846 testament:G1242 andG2532 there wereG1096 lightnings,G796 andG2532 voices,G5456 andG2532 thunderings,G1027 andG2532 an earthquake,G4578 andG2532 greatG3173 hail.G5464


Greek Strong’s # 935 = King

Phone # 935 = ICE

Hebrew Strong’s # 935 = Come


When the ICE COMES we call it HAIL.


1700 Verses from the End

Phil 2:10

ThatG2443 atG1722 the nameG3686 of JesusG2424 everyG3956 kneeG1119 should bow,G2578 ofG2032 [things] in heaven,G2032 andG2532 [things] in earth,G1919 andG2532 [things] under the earth;G2709


The first verse in the Bible with a weight = 1700 is:


BCV (Book Chapter Verse) # 2424

Exod 4:24

And it came to pass by the wayH1870 in the inn,H4411 that the LORDH3068 metH6298 him, and soughtH1245 to killH4191 him.


Greek Strong’s # 2424 = Jesus

Hebrew Strong’s # 2424 = Living


Luke 2:7

AndG2532 she brought forthG5088 herG846 firstbornG4416 son,G5207 andG2532 wrappedG4683 himG846 in swaddling clothes,G4683 andG2532 laidG347 himG846 inG1722 a manger;G5336 becauseG1360 there wasG2258 noG3756 roomG5117 for themG846 inG1722 the inn.G2646


Hebrew Strong’s # 4411 = Inn


NT Verse # 4411

Acts 17:32

AndG1161 when they heardG191 of the resurrectionG386 of the dead,G3498 someG3588 G3303mocked:G5512 andG1161 othersG3588 said,G2036 We will hearG191 theeG4675 againG3825 ofG4012 thisG5127 [matter].


Greek Strong’s # 2646 = Inn

Hebrew Strong’s # 2646 = Chamber


Ps 19:5

Which [is] as a bridegroomH2860 coming outH3318 of his chamber,H2646 [and] rejoicethH7797 as a strong manH1368 to runH7323 a race.H734



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