Wade Balzer (14 May 2011)
"[Revelation2217] Behold your KING!"




John 19:14

AndG1161 it wasG2258 the preparationG3904 of the passover,G3957 andG1161 aboutG5616 the sixthG1623 hour:G5610 andG2532 he saithG3004 unto the Jews,G2453 BeholdG1492 yourG5216 King!G935



John 19:19

AndG1161 PilateG4091 wroteG1125 G2532a title,G5102 andG2532 putG5087 [it] onG1909 the cross.G4716 AndG1161 the writingG1125 was,G2258 JESUSG2424 OF NAZARETHG3480 THE KINGG935 OF THE JEWS.G2453



Hebrew Strong’s # 4428 = King


4428 Verses from Malachi 4:6

Isa 53:5

But he [was] woundedH2490 for our transgressions,H6588 [he was] bruisedH1792 for our iniquities:H5771 the chastisementH4148 of our peaceH7965 [was] upon him; and with his stripesH2250 we are healed.H7495


4428 Verses from the End

John 14:5

ThomasG2381 saithG3004 unto him,G846 Lord,G2962 we knowG1492 notG3756 whitherG4226 thou goest;G5217 andG2532 howG4459 can weG1410 knowG1492 the way?G3598


4427 Verses from the End

John 14:6

JesusG2424 saithG3004 unto him,G846 IG1473 amG1510 the way,G3598 G2532the truth,G225 andG2532 the life:G2222 no manG3762 comethG2064 untoG4314 the Father,G3962 G1487butG3361 byG1223 me.G1700


Hebrew Strong’s # 4428 = King

Hebrew Strong’s # 4427 = Reign(s)


Behold your King in the verse reference of Gen 44:28.


Verse # 1353

Gen 44:28

And the oneH259 went outH3318 from me, and I said,H559 SurelyH2963 he is torn in pieces;H2963 and I saw himH7200 not since:H2008


Follow this road from Verse # 1353 to the Strong’s


Hebrew Strong’s # 1353 = Redemption


Behold your King in the verse reference of Isa 44:28.


Isa 44:28

That saithH559 of Cyrus,H3566 [He is] my shepherd,H7462 and shall performH7999 all my pleasure:H2656 even sayingH559 to Jerusalem,H3389 Thou shalt be built;H1129 and to the temple,H1964 Thy foundation shall be laid.H3245


Hebrew Strong’s # 3566 = Cyrus

Greek Strong’s # 3566 = Bridegroom


Behold your King in the verse reference of Ezek 44:28.


Ezek 44:28

And it shall be unto them for an inheritanceH5159: I [am] their inheritance:H5159 and ye shall giveH5414 them no possessionH272 in IsraelH3478: I [am] their possession.H272


I discovered this pillar yesterday… (I will explain in another e-mail.)


Verse # 18716

Isa 53:4

SurelyH403 he hath borneH5375 our griefs,H2483 and carriedH5445 our sorrows:H4341 yet we did esteemH2803 him stricken,H5060 smittenH5221 of God,H430 and afflicted.H6031


Hebrew Strong’s # 5159 = Inheritance


Verse # 18716 + 5159 Verses = Verse # 23875


Verse # 23875

Matt 22:2

The kingdomG932 of heavenG3772 is like untoG3666 a certainG444 king,G935 whichG3748 madeG4160 a marriageG1062 forG5207 hisG846 son,G5207


Can you see the Bridegroom?


Greek Strong’s # 2424 = Jesus is found in 935 Verses of the New Testament.


Greek Strong’s # 935 = King

Hebrew Strong’s # 935 = Cometh


Check out the voice in the “cloud”..


Verse # 25377

Luke 9:35

AndG2532 there cameG1096 a voiceG5456 outG1537 of the cloud,G3507 saying,G3004 ThisG3778 isG2076 myG3450 belovedG27 Son:G3588 G5207 hearG191 him.G846


Do you see the KING in the verse reference of Luke 9:35?


Where is the Son standing still that we should hear him?   Is that Him in the verse reference of Luke 9:35?


Verse # 22780

Hab 3:11

The sunH8121 [and] moonH3394 stood stillH5975 in their habitation:H2073 at the lightH216 of thine arrowsH2671 they went,H1980 [and] at the shiningH5051 of thy glitteringH1300 spear.H2595



Hab 3:11 <-- 2597 Verses --> Luke 9:35


The distance between these two verses points to… Greek Strong’s # 2597 = Descending


Matt 3:16

AndG2532 Jesus,G2424 when he was baptized,G907 went upG305 straightwayG2117 outG575 of the water:G3588 G5204 and,G2532 lo,G2400 the heavensG3588 G3772 were openedG455 unto him,G846 andG2532 he sawG1492 the SpiritG3588 G4151 of GodG3588 G2316 descendingG2597 likeG5616 a dove,G4058 andG2532 lightingG2064 uponG1909 him:G846


Greek Strong’s # 4058 = Dove

Hebrew Strong’s # 4058 = Measure


Notice that the Hebrew form of Measure points to the DOVE.   Perhaps Ephesians is referring to this:


Eph 4:13

TillG3360 weG2658 allG3956 comeG2658 inG1519 the unityG1775 of the faith,G3588 G4102 andG2532 of the knowledgeG3588 G1922 of the SonG3588 G5207 of God,G3588 G2316 untoG1519 a perfectG5046 man,G435 untoG1519 the measureG3358 of the statureG2244 of the fulnessG3588 G4138 of Christ:G3588 G5547


Greek Strong’s # 2244 = Stature

Greek Strong’s # 2243 = Elijah


How many times in scripture is there an elusive reference to a guy with a measuring reed?    There is a connection to the SEEING God.


BCV (Book Chapter Verse) # 4058

Matt 5:8

BlessedG3107 [are] the pureG2513 in heart:G2588 forG3754 theyG846 shall seeG3700 God.G2316


Notice that:


Webster’s Word # 4428 = OPTI'CIAN, n.
1. A person skilled in the science of optics.
2. One who makes or sells optic glasses and instruments.


Webster’s Word # 4428 = OP'TIC,'TICAL, a. [Gr. from to see, the eye.]


Can you SEE your KING NOW?


Hebrew Strong’s # 4428 = KING

Hebrew Strong’s # 4427 = REIGN(S)


Phone # 67842 = Optic


Looking at that number from Right to Left and notice the Verse it points to…


Verse # 24876

Mark 16:2

AndG2532 veryG3029 early in the morningG4404 the firstG1520 [day] of the week,G4521 they cameG2064 untoG1909 the sepulchreG3419 at the risingG393 of the sun.G3588 G2246


Greek Strong’s # 386 = Resurrection


386 Verses from the End

Rev 1:18

I [am] he that liveth,G2198 andG2532 wasG1096 dead;G3498 and,G2532 behold,G2400 I amG1510 aliveG2198 forG1519 evermore,G165 G3588 G165Amen;G281 andG2532 haveG2192 the keysG2807 of hellG86 andG2532 of death.G2288 G2532




Ps 40:7

Then saidH559 I, Lo, I come:H935 in the volumeH4039 of the bookH5612 [it is] writtenH3789 of me,


Let’s remove the added text…


Then said I, Lo, I come in the volume of the book written of me.


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Wade Balzer