Vicki (19 May 2011)
"Re: 5-24"


I LOVED your post!!! What excited me the most, is how God has used chapters and verses to show me things too! The "method" He used with you is very confirming to me:) One thing I have learned though, is that sometimes our "interpretation" is a little different from His, yet other times, the message and interpretation come together perfectly!! Something else I found interesting about the date 5-24. If the numbers are added together separately... they equal 11. 5+2+4= 11 WOW! WOW!  God is moving in such an amazing way right now!
I am so excited about the 24th, yet have a deep ache in my soul too. Two of my children are not living the life Jesus calls us to live. I pray fervently for them every day, and the time is very, very short. Will you and ALL doves please, please pray for them to be born again, before it's too late. Not only them, but for every person who is being prayed for world wide. There are many of us who are pleading for the salvation of our loved ones and friends.
Thank you in advance for your prayers.
I'm looking forward to spending eternity with all of you:)
Thanks, Vicki!