Tina Abrams (30 May 2011)
"Wow !! Clay Cantrell"

Dear Clay,

Last month I was reading a old diary from maybe 2007 Or 8 and a lady posted on 5-doves that :

God represents a square : "TEMPLE, SANCTUARY"

Jesus represents a Triangle : "LIGHT"

The Holy Spirit a circle :  "Water, infinity"

I hadn't remembered this so I ran to the store, bought a little canvas painted it black and painted a yellow triangle in the middle for light with Fire inside. around that a GOLD square because I was thinking of the Ark of the covenant, Gold Box of Holy of Holy's. Then around that I did a Blue ring of water representing the Holy spirit. Thinking of infinity and baptism.
Literally the next day I was watching a video on you tube titled "11:11 are you ready" and I couldn't believe it one picture they showed in the video is Leonardo divinci Man in the middle of a light Square and circle HE is standing like the triangle in the middle. Watch it so you can see what I mean..?... It is new age, but the picture was WILD to show those shapes !!

So what were the colors you saw ?

Isn't that great ! We all work together in our visions and dreams and knowledge about things of Gods creation. He is the greatest artist and simple kindergarten shapes even tell HIS STORY in the universe.

 I loved that you shared......and I had just painted that. But you said your shapes were separate. That is interesting too ! My Kids all said MOM what is that painting of ?!! I told them and I don't care if it is well done, I Love the meanings !

Tina Abrams
Hi Tina,
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