TC (26 May 2011)
"cj's awsome post!"

I had received much of what you posted from the Lord thru my own studies recently, but not in such a focused way!  This was like getting the 'icing on the cake' for me.  I never thot about the two and two before....tablets and witnesses.  It fits just right!  I have referred to our Heavenly Father on occasion as being from "the department of redundancy department!"  (Just a little heavenly humor!)  As for the switching of dispensations on Pentecost...that has been weighing on my heart a great deal lately.  I LOVE doing word studies, dispensation studies.....God gave us His written word to be understood at its surface level by the smallest child, and then by mature Christians at many different, deeper layers.  It is as tho He KNEW He would need to teach blockheads as there is repetition after repetition....shadow after shadow....same lesson after same lesson.  He wanted to make sure even dunderheads like ME would eventually catch on!  (On a more personal note-doesn't it just fry your brain when the Lord hits you with a personal revelation like that?   The first time it happened to me, I told my mom I walked around like a person suffering from a happy form of 'post-traumatic-stress-disorder'!  I couldn't even share the lesson right brain felt like silly putty!  Glad YOU didn't react like that:  we might not have heard from you until after the rapture!!)
  Another silly thot:  I guess that makes us the 'lastfruits' of the 'firstfruits'!!!! ha ha ha ha! Great WORD!!  TC