Suzi (7 May 2011)
"To Phil re: BHO & 'live view'"

You are right, as you probably have already learned...that photo was staged. They were NOT viewing the raid as it happened. They have admitted as much since others have made official statements that there was a 25 minute 'black out' when the raid went down. It's all fake...this whole administration is a sham.

I saw a headline/title of a video I haven't had time to view, but they ask a very important question/make a point.

Who cares about pix of a dead OBL...where are the POV videos from the Seals?

I think that is a valid question. The 'live' shots taken from the point of view of the men who did the dirty work it much more important and compelling that a staged photo of a bunch of DC 'bigwigs' who wouldn't be bothered with getting their hands dirty!

Now, if there was a '25 minute black out'...does that mean they did not transmit, or that they literally turned off all cameras? hmm? If that is the case, we only have the 'word' of the few people who actually stormed the place. My husband is a career 'cop'...he said, if he entered a room where OBL was at, and he could not see his hands, it would be totally acceptable to assume that there was a weapon. He was/is a wanted man, considered 'armed and dangerous'. So, if they really did storm the 'home'/compound of the real OBL, then there would be no reason NOT to 'film' to have proof of the deed. Cops have dashboard cams to keep them safe and honest. Why wouldn't they keep their head cams running during this? I'm betting they did.

But, from my own POV? I don't think OBL was even there. Just as Americans have thought of him as the 'boogie man' all these years, he didn't need to be there. Even if it were just some of his henchmen, his followers...the point is, if America THINKS they 'got him'...that's all that matters. He was a useful tool all these years. His 'death' (even if it was a fact years ago), was ripe for these times. I  honestly believe this whole incident was staged, just for the benefit of BHO and his bid for 2012. Maybe someone with some terrorist tendencies was taken out...but I do not really believe it was OBL. No proof, dump a body at sea, easy to lie about. Even the supposed photos of the others killed? They looked fake to me. A man laying in a puddle of blood, blood coming out his ears? Even I could fake that with enough corn syrup and food coloring...the other photo, with a bloody cloth over a man with eyes partially opened? Again...easily faked. I'm not trying to be morbid, but I have accidentally looked over at my husband's computer when he was compiling photos for the book he wrote, and I've seen 'real' photos of crime scenes...not something I want to see, but in a 'case' as big, as important as this? You better have as much proof as you can get.

Every time something like this goes down, all I can think of is the movie "Wag the Dog"...I really need to find that film on's so perfect for times such as these.