Suzi (5 May 2011)
"To Curt Re: BHO & BC"

Most records were converted first to 'micro-phish', then went more computerized, then digital. I'm well aware of all that. The thing is, the INFORMATION on the 'original' (in whatever form) would/should retain the ORIGINAL info. For example, the NAME of the Hospital. Using my own family as an brother was born at "Sacred Heart Hospital", (owned at that time by the Catholic Church), due to financial problems a few years ago, it changed to "Central Valley Hospital" (we also had a Community Hospital) at that time which was owned by Seventh Day Adventist. Well, just in the last few months, "Adventist Health" took over both hospitals, making a brand new, huge, one location Hospital. Now, if I were to seek out my brother's records, would it say he was born at 'Adventist Health'? Or "Sacred Heart"?

The other thing...I'm not sure if you've had to get a 'copy' of your birth certificate before or not. If you did, then, as here, you go down to the County Clerk, make the request, and they will search through their records with the info you give them (name, birthday, parents name, etc). They will then give you a CERTIFIED COPY. It will have a raised seal on it to verify that it is the real deal. If you make a 'copy' of it, it is NOT 'legal'!! Even if the info on it is, it is only 'Certified' if it has that seal. We couldn't just use the 'copy' we made of the kids' birth certificates (which we keep in a safe deposit box), when the kids got passports, we had to go back down to the Co. Clerk and get that special copy with the raised seal. It is a the only way to have a LEGAL birth document.

Obama's sham of a 'certificate' is such a joke, that anyone who understands the least bit about how legal matters work, who knows even a dash of computer/photoshop, who can READ...will know that it was FAKE!

Not to mention the basic fact that ALL children born before and after the creation of the US STATE of Hawaii, got 'new', LEGAL certificates. It was just found that Obama's half sister who was born in Indonesia has a Hawaii Certificate of Live Birth!! People were signing up their kids, themselves, whomever to join in the benefits that the new state gave (especially with the introduction of generous welfare/SS benefits!).

And everyone who has their panties in a bunch over the 'newspaper announcement' as if that is something legit (in other words, how could they know he was going to run for prez some day?). As most communities do, it is not a matter of the parents or grandparents putting the info in the's a process that goes on when the CERTIFICATE is generated. He could have been born IN Hawaii in 1957, *as his old My Space page indicated when he was running for the Senate*, and then, when he was ready to enroll in Kindergarten, he needed a birth certificate...well, with the new state and all, alot of people were getting those for their kids. Who is to say that the certificate was not requested in Aug. of '61 (just before the start of the school year), and the normal process of the Clerks office sent the 'announcement' to the paper?

I've seen notices in our local paper of births and deaths from those who either grew up here or still have family...yet are not local.

Anyway...enough on this. No matter where/when he was born, he's more UN-American than Osama!!