Suzi (5 May 2011)
"Why I don't believe the OBL stuff..."

First, I have to say I chuckle, well, actually giggle or guffaw every time someone on a video, or news commentary shows, or in person does the classic Freudian Slip and says "Obama" instead of "Osama". hehe. I remember when I first saw/heard of/from BHO I coined him "Obama Been Lyin'". nephew joined the Army right after 9/11. He wasn't a 'kid', in fact he told his mom during basic that he had his first true feeling of fear when he realized they were actually going to give live ammo and weapons to the 'idiot kids' he was surrounded by! (he was at least 24 or so when he went in). He went first to Afghanistan (to search for OBL) and then home, then back to Iraq. He is a very quiet (not like his Auntie) guy, and like most guys who've been through war, he didn't talk much about his experiences. I know he 'jumped out of helicopters with huge weapons that could literally knock your arm out of socket &/or break your leg, up to your collar bone. Now, a kid doesn't usually get handed something like that unless they are supposed to and expected to use it. From the things he said, and didn't say, I was under the impression they either KNEW where OBL was, or knew he was already dead.

Just like the song "I need a hero"...our country has always needed a 'villain'. We need a common antagonist to push people to work to defeat a common goal. The whole idea of the war on 'terror' is insanity. How can one fight a concept, an emotion an intangible thing? You have to put a fact on it. We had Saddam Hussein, then we had Osama Bin Laden. Easy Peasy. right? No? Dead? Uh oh! How can we justify the war? How can we justify being there? Oh, we're still needed to set things right, to help the weak, to bring justice to an unjust society. Why not just tell a rock to turn into a tree? Let's tell the desert to become a sea? The hard truth is, we cannot fight an ideology that is so foreign, so alien to our own...the worse part being, the majority of people making these orders, running this show (and it is one big puppet theater) do not even embrace the beliefs that these people hate us for. Obama is right, 'we' are not a 'Christian' nation. Oh how I hate to admit he was right on that. But even people who SAY they are 'Christian', usually have no idea what that even means. "Oh, I believe in God"...well, so does Satan!!  *ack*

So, besides the fact that major news sources have said he (OBL) was dead in the past...that the beautiful Pakistani lady said it (oh, wasn't she murdered? hmmm), that as has been pointed out, this would be the 9th time that he was declared KILLED...well, I'm sorry, I just don't buy it.

I also don't buy the 'respecting the culture' garbage either. They've released video of them beheading innocent we are supposed to believe that a made up 'burial at sea according to custom' is real? BULL! They know that IF it were true, if we did 'get him', why on earth we'd 'take custody of the body, just to haul it out to sea then dump it...that would make them madder than just the killing! But wait. Wow...more excuses. A dead and defiled OBL is better than a sickly, possibly already dead OBL, right? Now we can expect (we've already been told in the headlines to expect!), some retaliation. How convenient. So, when it comes, we can know that it was inevitable...right?

We've also got a built in reason to be mad at Pakistan too, right? We can 'get them', or whatever best suits the needs of the elite to run this sham of a government. When Rush Limbaugh sarcastically sniped about how OBAMA came up with this, OBAMA did that...when IF it were a real military action, he'd have been informed of what the real experts were doing...I had to sort of do that (evil 16 yr old in my head) snerkle again. For once, I'm bettin' BHO did have some say in this. It's almost like a 'mean girls' script. "Who are we friends with?", "who do they hate?", "how can we get our two or more enemies to turn against our other enemies?"...instead of assuring who goes to prom with whom, we see these immature boys playing Stratego with the world.

But, bottom line? Just as I got that 'this is supposed to happen' feeling when the election came and he did that infomercial on why 'we' should 'buy' him...I knew that he was going to win, and I knew he'd HAVE to go 2 terms to play out the time line. This event, besides the 'side effects' that will push things along have already been touted to be a 'win' for 2012. Sick. Sad. Totally expected.

What's next? More disasters, more terror attacks, more destruction...well, I'm preaching to the choir...we know the end of the book. It's all playing out as it's supposed to, right?

Every time something like this goes down, it really makes me want to rewatch the movie 'Wag the Dog'.